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  1. Thanks a lot guys. Im out in the field at JRTC have little to no internet connectivity on my phone, hence Im just replying. I have started my age waiver request and essay, I will definitely be hitting yall up for pointers. Thanks again!
  2. Im currently 33 years old, but will 34 by the time my packet gets to the board. Im a crew chief for the Apaches, I work with pilots all day who keeps telling me to drop a packet because the army is hurting for pilots. However, Im a little bit concerned because April will make 2 years since Ive been in the army, I joined a bit later on in my life. I spoke to a recruiter and she told me that I have a better chance of getting an age waiver than a time in service waiver, given the fact that I still can offer the army more TIS than someone whose been in over 12 years. Ive been studying for the sift, aiming for the March packet turn in deadline to meet the May board. I have no ailments. 20/20 vision and everything 298 PT score, 12:30 mins run time and the whole works. Im passed up for a 24 year old on a regular basis. Does anyone know of people getting picked up at this age?
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