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  1. I retook it once the same day and once 2 weeks later. Basically same results. I will take one in a few weeks to see where I am at, but I want to exhaust whatever measures possible to get the waiver
  2. To summarize: 30y/o Male GT: 131 SIFT: 46 No prior service Failed hearing test in left ear @3k. Waiver denied by Army Waiver Authority. My plan: send LORs to Waiver Authority and Rucker board in an attempt to get the needed waiver. (I already have an LOR from a Ret. Lieutenant Commander) Is there anything else I can do, aside from waiting 6 months to try again? If I pay for my own civilian flight physical and pass it, would that help? Thanks in advance.
  3. From what I've gathered from past applicants is that it's best to have LORs from both WO3+ and from people (presidents of companies, CEOs, deans, etc.) I have heard of people only having WO letters, but I think they like both. Get more than the minimum, too!
  4. Copy. Yes, I am trying to do street to seat. I just started the process but I'm trying to get everything done quickly. Do civilian still face the board? Someone told me they weren't right now and that it was only active duty or prior service right now. That doesnt make sense to me though
  5. I am putting together my WOFT packet and am hoping, like most of the other candidates to stand apart from other applicants. I am trying to network to find good people to write an LOR for me. Here is some background on myself: Civilian, 29/m, married w/ kids Currently reside in Indiana Trade certificate in industrial pipe fitting and certified pipe welder Currently a contractor that services military fueling systems around the country Asvab: 89 GT: 131 Will travel to meet officers for LOR I bought my study guides for the SIFT today and will be studying those hard as I am trying to make the March board. If you want more info, dont hesitate to ask. I look forward to working with you all!
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