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  1. https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/sister_service/ Start here ^ Use that link with all the info provided here on Vertical Reference. I completed the packet with almost no assistance from a recruiter until I absolutely needed one. Many people are willing to help, but nobody will hold your hand through the process. Start now though, my process took a year start to finish (I am sister service, OCONUS, and required PRK) Good Luck!
  2. Do you guys know where AD members can check if their packet is “board ready”?? The recruiter I am in contact with says I am good to go but I would like to get my eyes on it myself if possible.
  3. I have similar stats and just submitted in November for the January board. I still have time to submit updates and would find it very helpful to get some eyes on a selected packet as well!
  4. Good luck on the 2nd look! Why do you think you were NS??
  5. Why do you say this? What makes you believe they look at the whole person concept and what about your packet makes you feel that way? Kind of want to compare yours to mine I guess.
  6. Packet officially submitted after a year of squaring it away. Weight lifted, anxiety kickin' in! Good luck to everybody submitting in November for the January board.
  7. BLUF: passed the SIFT w/ a 43. Not happy. Anybody else get selected with a similar score? If so, what advice can you offer? (other stats detailed below) Just wrapped up my SIFT with a score of 43 and I am extremely discouraged to say the least. Really upset with my score because I studied my tail off using the FAA helicopter handbook, the Barron's study guide, the Accepted INC study guide, hand written flash cards, and I scored above 90 on every practice test I could find. I saved the SIFT for last to allow ample study time and it has taken me a year to get to this point where my packet is about ready for submission. Not sure what went wrong but there's nothing I can do about it now but fine tune the other areas of my packet. I would really appreciate any advice that this community has to offer. Thank you all. STATS AGE: 26 MIL/TIS: AD USAF/6 YEARS E-5 GT: 111 SIFT: 43 APFT: 294 LOR: O-5, O-6, CW5 (aviator) EDUCATION: 44 CREDITS TOWARDS BS/2.9 GPA PHYSICAL: STAMPED NO WAIVERS NO MORAL WAIVERS
  8. Yeah im not sure what they look for in the civilian board. I've only done my research for the AD board. But nice, all I have left is the SIFT scheduled for Nov 7th and My packet has already been sent to a local CW5 for his initial review before we interview.
  9. I didn't need to talk to a recruiter. In fact, I am 95% done with my packet and can count on one hand how many times I've needed a recruiter. EVERYTHING is available online and if you browse enough through VR and Reddit you will find almost all of your answers. I am AF and all I had to do was make the 1.5 hour drive to the nearest Army post a few times in a month to complete my flight physical.
  10. Nice, your packet all wrapped up? Im AD
  11. With the packet deadline of November 22nd approaching I thought i'd start this thread for those submitting to post stats, ask questions, and network. Good luck!
  12. x posted I am approaching my deadline of November 22 and am wrapping up my packet in preparation for an interview with a CW5. I am currently stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany and am looking for points of contact near me to get the ball rolling. The only unit I am aware of is the 12th CAB in Ansbach and that is a 5-hour drive from me. I've reached out to them via email and am awaiting a response. I am willing to make the trip but if anybody could recommend another unit near Ramstein with Senior Warrants I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  13. Would like some honest feedback from credible sources (FQ-S members, Current Aviators, English Majors) This is my first draft and I'll PM it to anyone willing to offer some constructive criticism. Thanks!
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