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  1. Submitted my packet on August 29th. Battalion commander did not submit it and now is refusing to submit it because the deadline has passed. Unbelievable.
  2. Warrant Officer Recruiter at Fort Knox told me the deadlines are only for active duty.
  3. Additionally, do civilian packets have to go through USAREC at Fort Knox? Im seeing on the USAREC website that they have nothing to do with civilian WOFT program.
  4. ^ My exact question. If I dont receive a BR status by the updates deadline will I still be considered for September board?
  5. My packet hasn't been submitted. My PT test and photo are on Tuesday. That's the last thing I need.
  6. Deadline to get the packet in is September 2nd?
  7. Ive been working w my recruiter the whole time
  8. I know this has been asked before, but I am asking for the September board. I am a civilian, street to seat. It says on the website the updates deadline is September 2nd (I have currently submitted nothing). Sometime next week I will be completely done with my packet. 1. How much time do I need to actually submit my packet to the board? 2. Is my packet emailed or mailed by my recruiter? 3. Do I still have time?
  9. Hello, I am current WOFT candidate and I am almost completely done with my entire packet (aiming for September board). The last thing I need is a LOR from a current aviator. Is there any aviators in the NJ/NY area that would be willing to speak with me about a possible letter of recommendation?
  10. I recently put my WOFT packet on hold as I pursued a different opportunity. I completed MEPS, flight physical, and APFT, and then I moved across the country. Will it be an issue to get things back in progress? Is my APFT under my "file", how does that work? Last step I did was complete both days of my flight physical, but I never heard anything after that. Who do I call to find out if I was approved? Can a new recruiter on this side of the country have access to all this info?
  11. For those of you civilians selected, how long is the wait until basic?
  12. In my opinion, if you don't already have a degree and don't plan to wait to get one; just drop the packet. I've heard that flight lessons don't really matter too much in their decision and I don't think sporadic college credits would matter too much either. If you were 15 credits away from your bachelors or associates, then I might say wait and just finish your degree. I have heard a degree matters, but if you're not anywhere close to one then I would just drop the packet.
  13. Feel free to PM me, I think we are both going for the May board.
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