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  1. I have an MPA...I wish I had spent that money on a vertical reference course instead. It would have been a better use of those funds. Unless you aspire to leave the flight deck and pursue a management position, I think it’s a poor use of money and time. I see the majority of helicopter flying as more of a trade...and flying 767s as more of a profession. Besides, with all of these rotor transition programs offered by the regionals sucking up military pilots and the end of the GI Bill for helicopter training, the helicopter industry is gonna be in a serious world of hurt. If anything, the requirements will only get lower. Requiring a four-year degree would be suicide for a helicopter operator.
  2. I used to be impressed whenever I met a pilot...until I became one. Now I know. And this thread isn’t helping.
  3. Now Im curious...with years of experience, how much time do you have and what do you fly annually? Seems like 2K or 2,500 is the standard.
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