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  1. Does anyone have any experience changing their aircraft after selection? I’m curious if there are any cases of adding more time to transition into a different airframe. As I know now the only way is to go 160th, or guard/reserve. Does anyone else have any experience in this matter? Thanks!
  2. Doesn’t matter man we’re all getting 64s. Goodluck.
  3. Go talk to the warrant recruiter for advice in the SF building. If they can’t help go to 160th. I don’t recommend asking for the LOR until it’s literally the last thing you have left to do (unless your CSM is giving you grief about not having it before he signs the checklist) and you’re packet has been fine combed multiple times by yourself and others. Especially since you’re asking someone you’ve never met to vouch for you based solely upon your packet. I am honestly very surprised you’ve done anything in the process yet before you’ve even passed the SIFT. SIFT should be the first thing you do, most posts won’t even initiate a flight physical until you pass it. Message me if you have questions, I was at Campbell when I put my packet in several years back.
  4. I wrote one paragraph on why I want to be a pilot, one why i want to be an officer and then an entire summary of military bio short and to the point (mainly recycled award bullets, ncoers, tdy deployments etc.) I was first time select Nov last year. Goodluck on selection and pm me if you have any questions.
  5. I reccomend getting one with cellular. It’s not really useful for flight in the beginning but for class and everything else I constantly wish mine had cellular.
  6. does anyone know what unit you put on the AUP forms on blackboard for computer access? Thanks in advance!
  7. Im Kevin. I am now in class 013. Just starting this post to find other classmates. Does anyone here have class 013?
  8. I figured it wouldnt be realistic, Ill keep my fingers crossed that the interview works out soon and if not, shoot for HBL. Thank you very much for the detailed answers!
  9. Hello all, my wife and I are waiting on an interview for her citizenship and she cant leave the country until the process is complete so its looking like I wont be taking leave before WOCS. I go to WOCS in September. What opportunities are there during the pipeline to take a month of leave (if any?) and has anyone taken leave out of country during this period? It will be to Korea. Also, is there an opportunity to take your 10 day PTDY for house hunting immediately after WOCS is complete and would this be advised? Thanks so much for any advice or response!
  10. Thanks for the great feedback! Ill shoot him an email when I get back to civilization and let yall know what he says. Ill ask about the physical being slightly expired through WOCS as well. I wouldnt think it would be a huge issue just to have it through WOCS but when the information sheet specifically states they will turn you away if thats the case its not something I want to risk. Thanks again!
  11. Has anyone ever successfully rescheduled their class to an earlier date or know the process to? My physical will expire 7 days before I graduate and Im worried about re doing it before WOCS. It took almost 6 months the first time because the provider is extremely hard to access (even to me as a medic, hes technically my boss) and now he has PCS. The flight nurse put my examination date as the date the phase 1 was initiated (not the actual exam date), does anyone know if this is correct or have any proof I can use to argue it with her? I told the flight nurse about this issue and she said to wait a few months then start an extended AO?? Im worried that if I follow her guidance I wont have a physical. Ive already had issues many times but they are my only route to have the physical done. Any advice, suggestions or answers will be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you!
  12. I feel that way too. It seems I have one of the latest class dates in september, Class 22, from the Jan select guys and my stats werent amazing comparatively. I honestly feel like they give dates by OML which would make sense but I may be getting into the weeds with this thinking.
  13. Im Kevin. I was selected in Jan board and just got assigned to class 22. Just starting a group to find classmates. Has anyone on here got class 022?
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