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  1. Take it easy SFC! I'm sure you will get selected next board. I remember seeing your post when you submitted your packet 3 weeks prior to May board. If that was other people, it would have been push through the July board. You have an awesome stats and lots of achievements under your belt. It might be the quotas are already filled. I've seen people posting in this forum that didn't get selected first time and didn't make any updates but got selected the second time. Unlike my friend, he's moral waiver for a DUI 6 years ago got disapproved, meaning, the board is getting tighter and tighter for people with any kind of waivers, based on my observation. Nonetheless, I root for you SFC! You will be flying in no time. Have faith and good luck!
  2. Saw your awesome stats! Pretty high speed record. Good luck! I know you will get it. Also, your packet was processed fast!
  3. Few more days until the May board convenes! Best of luck to me and everyone!! We will get selected one day! On a side note, asking for a friend, he had a moral waiver disapproved recently. Anyone here that had the same fate?
  4. Best of luck to you too! Trust the process and you will be selected. When did you submit your packet? Did your packet required any kind of waiver? TIA.
  5. Thanks for the timeline. Best of luck to you. I know you will be selected this coming May board.
  6. Thanks for the reply! Last two questions: did your packet require any waivers? Lastly, when did you submit your packet? Again, I appreciate it.
  7. Hello everyone! For AD members, does anyone here have already received an email saying your packet is board ready for May? Thanks in advance.
  8. I feel relieved!!! We almost have the same stats. This post gave me hope that there is a chance for me being selected. However, I only have 3 LoRs, CW3,O5,CW5. If you don't mind, I sent you a PM. I'd like to ask for your help. Thanking you in advance.
  9. Does anyone know if Active Duty, Reserve, NG, and civilian applicants will have different board days or it will be mixed applicants during the time of the board? TIA.
  10. Awesome stat! Just to be clear, are you applying as a civilian now or AD? Best of luck to you!
  11. Hey brother, may I know your stats when you got selected? Asking for a friend
  12. I am posting this for the sake of other aspiring aviators out there, like me. I want you to keep continuing what you are doing and do not stop until you get what you want. Take the SIFT seriously as it will be your bread and butter to become an Army Warrant Officer. I've been a lurker of this forum topic from quite some time now to gain insights about SIFT. I just took the SIFT 4 hours ago and jotted down some notes shortly after to post it here. I scored so low, below average, but I passed. I am really disappointed, but, it is what it is. It took me 2 months of studying about 2-3 hours a day because I knew I have my own weaknesses when it comes to self studying. Again, I am doing this for all the future aviators out there. Below is the summary of the test that I took. SIMPLE DRAWINGS - I answered 80/100 with 5-7 mistakes. HIDDEN FIGURES -This kicked me straight out my butt. I only answered 15/50. It is harder than the textbooks. It contains fewer lines but for me, the images are really hard to find. I tried squinting but then again, I failed. My advice, don't guess as it might hurt your score. I've seen people in this forum who answered less than 10 questions but still ended up with 60+ score ARMY AVIATION INFORMATION TEST (AAIT) -I focused more on aerodynamics. I can say I got at least 9-10 mistakes because of my complacence. I thought I was really ready for this, apparently, not. In my set of test, less aerodynamics questions were there. Here are the questions that I remembered to best of my knowledge. -Induced Flow, I know I got this right. But the answers were tricky. It didn't directly say "Downward flow of air" something like that. The wordings were far different than the FAA handbook. So, read each answers carefully. -Translating Tendency Flight controls, I am assuming I got this one right. Their use and whatnot. I got a good amount of numbers pertaining to flight controls Slip Skid -Payload -Night Scanning -Visual Deficiencies . -Night flight, include fundamentals in night flight as well. -The condition when a helicopter is less efficient and or more efficient. -Pilot self-assessment -Helicopters of the Army, Remember, A=Attack, C=Cargo, U=Utility, O= Oberservation/Reconnaissance. Be sure to keep this in mind. - Aerodynamic Forces (basic) -Army aviation history -Airspace I didn't anticipate seeing more questions that doesn't pertain aerodynamics. But then again, everyone's tests are different. I've seen people posting that their set of tests consists more on Aerodynamics plus flight controls. I posted this to keep you guys aware that there are chances that you might get a set of test similar to mine. So don't just focus on aerodynamics. I suggest you to understand everything in the FAA manual. Almost 80% of the questions can be answered through the manual, except for the army part. I suggest you prepare for the SIFT as you may encounter questions you would never thought you would see. There are a lot of questions in the question bank of SIFT so take this seriously and understand each chapter if you want to get a competitive score. Spatial Apperception - Expect that in the actual test, it is not going to be like in most of the study guides. I think I failed in this part and didn't get a perfect score. That's all I can say. Thinking maybe one of the reason I got a lower score because of this. So foolish of me, I know. Reading Comprehension It's one paragraph. Straight to the point. However, engl is not my first language so I had to re read everything twice to make sure. Maybe I was overthinking plus reading comprehension is one of my weakness. I can say I only got 50% in this. Math Skills Test I think this one pulled my score to barely pass. On my third question, it already asked something similar to this "log base 5 (x+5)=5 (Just an example). It kept doing that for like 3 questions after. I even got log base huge amount of number, lol. It means I was answering it right. It started with a simple probability then a little algebra and then logarithm on the 3rd one. It got easier after question 8 I think. Probably got the answer wrong. It went back to algebra. Also, study TRIANGLES and circle. Motion problems too. I took the time to study here as well. On my test, formulas were on the side so you don't have to worry about it. However, I think I only used one of them for triangle. Know your fractions, square roots in DECIMALS. At the 25 minute marker I moved on to the next sub cat. Mechanical Comprehension Use ASVAB reviewer it will help. It stopped after 8 minutes. In summary my barely passing score is only 41. I was only hoping to get a 50. It was my target because I knew I wouldn't do good on reading comprehension and mechanical comprehension, and HF. I just focused on AAIT, SAT, SD, MATH. I though I'd get at least a 50 if I aced those sub categories. But, like I said, I underestimated AAIT and thought I was ready for it but was not. Plus the spatial apperception got me like WTF. I know I have a slim to none chance on being selected. But, I want other aspiring aviator to get a better score so they won't suffer what I'm suffering today. Follow your dreams and never stop. Do whatever it takes. DO NOT GIVE UP AND STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. Everything will be worth it in the end I will still submit a packet and hope for a miracle. My flight physical is scheduled on 14 feb 19. The worst they can say is no. However, I am moving on with my career and try something else. I've been in the Army, as of now, for 29 months. I'm a 91B (wheeled mechanic) who's first duty assignment is in an MP unit who solely focus on investigations (Right? Why would they need a mechanic). I came in as a fuzzy and now I am an E-5, promoted 1 Dec 18. Can you believe that? I became an NCO without actually doing my job. I just do whatever my superiors asked just to be a good soldier. However, it is hurting my career. I am afraid that when I transfer to a LINE UNIT, I'm freaking DEAD. I HAVE ZERO EXPERIENCE. I never asked to be assigned in my current unit though. This is one of the reason why I pursued the flight path, but I failed. I guess flying isn't for me. It sucks but I have to suck it up and move on. Maybe God has better plans for me. My stats: Active DutyTIS: 29 monthsAge: 23GT/Percentile - 131, 93SIFT: 41 APFT: 295LOR: CW3 (MP, CO) O5 (BC), CW3 AviatorFlight physical: TBDGPA: 60+ Semester hours with 2.2 GPA (foreign country)( I didn't took college seriously, I was so dumb when I was younger) Transferred credits to BS Aeronautics, took 4 courses so far, GPA: 3.3 Well, I hope this can be a help to someone and get a good score in their SIFT. I wish each and everyone of you a GOOD LUCK and FLY HIGH! My resources: FAA Manual, Barron's Military Flight aptitude book 4th ed., Peterson's ,military flight aptitude book 9th ed. If you have any questions. feel free to message me.
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