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  1. I don’t reply as often here. Send message on Instagram @tactical_relaxer for a more prompt response 

  2. Got the text from my recruiter this morning, I got selected! Can’t thank everybody in this forum enough. Good luck to everybody in the process!
  3. Street to seater AGE: 29 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 95/127 APFT: 298 EDUCATION: BS Environmental Engineering, Cornell University (GPA 2.56) FLIGHT: 10hrs Fixed Wing LORS: CW5, CW5, O-4, Ret CW4, Current Boss PHYSICAL: Stamped, Waiver for PRK in 2013 Good luck everyone!
  4. I am a civilian trying to submit a packet for the July Board (deadline in May). I have everything needed in the checklist accept the S2 Security Clearance Verification Review. My recruiter is citing covid-19 for not being able to start working on this. Do I need the recruiter to accomplish this checkbox or can it be done seperate of them? I have a filled out SF-86 form on hand and I remember filling out similar information for them about a year ago. My understanding is that the full investigation takes a few months for the interviews, can the packet be submitted while it's taking place? Whats
  5. Thanks for the response @TheSmallLebowski I called Rucker again today and the status is still disqualified. It's been a little over a month since I submitted part II. How do I find out if the aeromedical survey has actually taken place? Would it be something I could see from a government computer?
  6. Questions about the flight physical stamp process at Ft Rucker. I'm a civilian putting a packet together out of Las Vegas. Background: I completed part II of the flight physical back in November. Called Ft Rucker to check the status of the stamp earlier this December, they said my packet was disqualified. Got in touch with the flight surgeon who did my part II out at Ft Irwin and he said they have to do an aeromedical survey to review my med packet and move forward. He also said I was disqualified because of a retinal hemorrhage that was reported in my follow up appointments from a 2013
  7. Update: I ended up calling the WEED Community hospital at Ft Irwin. Got no static from them and got part 1 done on Nov 2nd. Part 2 is scheduled for this coming Monday. Recruiters still say their budgets are locked up but I know I get copies of everything from Ft Irwin and that all gets sent to Rucker automatically. So I should be able to submit for the January board once it's all stamped. Update 11/25/2019: Currently at Ft Irwin getting part II done. I got on base this morning without a recruiter by going to the visitor center at the gate with my orders from the hospital (from th
  8. Does anybody have experience scheduling a flight physical on the west coast? I am a civilian out of Las Vegas, NV putting a packet together and I have everything except the flight physical. I completed MEPs in early September and my recruiters said they couldn't schedule until Sept 23rd due to the new year (budgets?). They also said theyre going to send me to Washington state once they're able to schedule. I have seen older post concerning this topic and I understand it's a long drawn out process. It's been almost a month and the only thing my recruiters are saying is that they're sending em
  9. I took the SIFT test recently (4/15/2019) and I am happy to say I passed with a 62. I am paying it forward by sharing my experiences studying and all the tools used during the process. I hope that the previous posts on this topic as well as this post can serve you well on your journey to taking (and passing) the SIFT. Simple Drawings: There were questions before starting that asked if I played video games or flight simulators growing up and if I played a lot of video games now, even asked what systems. I said I didn’t play any and moved on. The test worked as advertised in the study gu
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