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  1. Is it easy to get a local vet to put down "lab-mix" for your dog? I have a 10 yr old handicapped pit that couldn't hurt a fly, wondering if I'll be able to get housing with Corvias. Current paperwork has him down as a Staffordshire. Also, I had to have him registered as an "emotional support dog" in order to get housing where I'm at now but hesitant to mention that in case it would affect my military records in any way..
  2. Selected for the National Guard today!! Thank you to everyone who helped me this past year, this forum is an amazing resource and I plan to pass it on! AGE: 28 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 97/124 SIFT: 61 APFT: 283 EDUCATION: Associate of Science, Information Technology FLIGHT: None BOARD: Civilian LORS: O4, O5, CW4, Coworker, two college professors SELECTED: April 2020 WAIVERS: Moral
  3. Unfortunately not making it to May board. WOSM says August it is! More time to get better
  4. I have not submitted yet but from what I've read -- Aim for the highest APFT score possible, write a solid essay, and get some quality LORs to be the most competitive you can possibly be. Don't disqualify yourself before you submit, it's up to the board to decide. Take everything thats in your hands and do the best you possibly can with it from here out. From what I understand, your SIFT is not as important as the rest I mentioned in the eyes of the board. Good luck!
  5. Thanks again Gideon! I appreciate the valuable feedback and Im going back to the drawing board to whittle this down and get my points together. Im trying to say: I want a career as an Aviator because it will fulfill my desire to fly, to serve and help others, to be in a fast-paced technical position where I can always learn, and to grow as a leader. Then I want to provide examples and substantiate my leadership experience in my career and personal life, then talk about my career history in various technical fields as an example of my ability to understand and troubleshoot technical compo
  6. Whats up with the C-12? Is it a bad airframe to get into? Never realized a fixed wing would be an option
  7. I have taken a month or so on and off to fix my essay and was hoping someone could give it another look for me if possible.. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Why I Want to be an Army Aviator Some of the greatest achievements in my life and career have come from pushing myself beyond my perceived mental and physical limits. Whether it was achieving my black belt in Taekwondo as a teenager, losing fifty pounds in my early twenties by drastically changing my diet and lifestyle, or earning my Associate’s degree with a 3.9 GPA, I take pride in excelling in uncomfo
  8. Haha! Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I havent dealt with recruiters much and Ive always been told to be a bit skeptical but he and my current recruiter have been nothing but great to me so far so I think I was just slightly worked up over nothing to be honest. My packet is coming together nicely and I think I have a great shot.
  9. I'm not totally sure. Also, what kind of training are you doing to get your PT score up? I started pretty low and have been using a 6-week APFT program from "Mountain Tactical" that has been working well for me. I'm 5 weeks in and have shaved over a minute off my run time so far and upped my push-ups and sit-ups by 15+ reps. Always interested to hear about more methods of improving though.
  10. From what Ive read on this forum a good APFT + Why I want to be an Army Aviator ESSAY > good ASVAB + SIFT scores. Im cant imagine the higher scores would hurt though! Also 3 high quality LORs are better than 6 ok LORs because the board doesnt have much time to look through your packet and will most likely just choose 3 to go over. I have not submitted my packet yet but this is just what Ive read. Not sure about the degree. In the March Board thread someone recently posted the average stats of those selected that go around, check it out!
  11. Flight Physical Experience Part 1I am a 27 year old civilian currently building my packet to join the California National Guard as a Warrant Officer and yesterday I went through my first phase of the Class 1A Flight Physical at Fort Irwin, CA. I wanted to share my experience for those interested in how this process works as I was one of those people as of a couple days ago. Obviously, YMMV. I called my local WOSM who gave me the phone number to the Community Hospital on base to schedule my physical. I called and scheduled it myself and was told to be there at 0800. On the day of my physical,
  12. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the guidance here so far. The wealth of knowledge on this forum is invaluable to anyone going through this process. I may have jumped the gun on my history. The recruiter has pulled my criminal record multiple times at a state and federal level and it is coming back clean. We are working through it and I am excited for what's next. This difficult process, if anything, has only made me more determined to continue. Phase 1 of my flight physical is done and I will be getting phase 2 (EKG & Anthro) done next week!
  13. Hoping to get my packet in for the May board. Still getting a few things together. Here are my stats as of now: Civilian; No Flight Time; No Prior-Service Age: 27 ASVAB/GT: 97/134 SIFT: 61 APFT: TBD (currently clocking in at 287) Flight Physical: Scheduled March 15th Education: Associates 3.9 GPA LORs: TBD (interviews currently being lined up with WOSM assistance) Waivers: none
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