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  1. Is it easy to get a local vet to put down "lab-mix" for your dog? I have a 10 yr old handicapped pit that couldn't hurt a fly, wondering if I'll be able to get housing with Corvias. Current paperwork has him down as a Staffordshire. Also, I had to have him registered as an "emotional support dog" in order to get housing where I'm at now but hesitant to mention that in case it would affect my military records in any way..
  2. Selected for the National Guard today!! Thank you to everyone who helped me this past year, this forum is an amazing resource and I plan to pass it on! AGE: 28 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 97/124 SIFT: 61 APFT: 283 EDUCATION: Associate of Science, Information Technology FLIGHT: None BOARD: Civilian LORS: O4, O5, CW4, Coworker, two college professors SELECTED: April 2020 WAIVERS: Moral
  3. Unfortunately not making it to May board. WOSM says August it is! More time to get better
  4. I have not submitted yet but from what I've read -- Aim for the highest APFT score possible, write a solid essay, and get some quality LORs to be the most competitive you can possibly be. Don't disqualify yourself before you submit, it's up to the board to decide. Take everything thats in your hands and do the best you possibly can with it from here out. From what I understand, your SIFT is not as important as the rest I mentioned in the eyes of the board. Good luck!
  5. Thanks again Gideon! I appreciate the valuable feedback and Im going back to the drawing board to whittle this down and get my points together. Im trying to say: I want a career as an Aviator because it will fulfill my desire to fly, to serve and help others, to be in a fast-paced technical position where I can always learn, and to grow as a leader. Then I want to provide examples and substantiate my leadership experience in my career and personal life, then talk about my career history in various technical fields as an example of my ability to understand and troubleshoot technical components. The extra stuff in there was my attempt to display what I think makes a good leader and why I check those boxes but I think it might convolute the essay a bit. Also seems like I could ditch most of the last paragraph.
  6. Whats up with the C-12? Is it a bad airframe to get into? Never realized a fixed wing would be an option
  7. I have taken a month or so on and off to fix my essay and was hoping someone could give it another look for me if possible.. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Why I Want to be an Army Aviator Some of the greatest achievements in my life and career have come from pushing myself beyond my perceived mental and physical limits. Whether it was achieving my black belt in Taekwondo as a teenager, losing fifty pounds in my early twenties by drastically changing my diet and lifestyle, or earning my Associate’s degree with a 3.9 GPA, I take pride in excelling in uncomfortable situations. I hold deep respect for those that strive to constantly better themselves, and putting my life on the line while serving alongside the brave soldiers of the United States Army would be the greatest honor and challenge of my life. I want to be an Army Aviator to rise up to that challenge. I’ll never forget the discovery flight that I took seven years ago. The freedom of being one of the few people navigating the clouds at high altitude had a notable impact on me. I made a commitment that day to become an aviator, and when I set a goal I follow through until I have achieved success. For example, receiving five promotions during my eight year career at Comcast and fulfilling my goal of becoming a network analyst. I firmly believe I have the qualities of an excellent Army Aviator. As a leader I am driven to help others, including when I developed the first Junior Instructor program in my hometown’s American Taekwondo Association, creating diet plans and workout routines for my friends and family, or helping my peers develop career goals in my current leadership role as Team Trainer. I continuously fulfill my goal of giving back by volunteering at Habitat for Humanity as well as past volunteer positions at the local animal shelter and with United Way sending care packages to our troops on deployment. As an Army Aviator I will continue my passion to serve by directly supporting fellow soldiers on the ground. I believe my technical mindset, management experience, ability to perform in stressful situations, and my drive to succeed will allow me to flourish as a pilot and as a leader. I have spent the past ten years building my career in various technical roles, all while continuing my education part-time and earning my degree in Information Technology. My management skills as Team Trainer will give me a valuable foundation to build from in my role as a Warrant Officer. It is my duty to educate my team on various new technologies and manage them as they are integrated with existing systems in the field. As a Warrant Officer I will be given the invaluable opportunity to continue my growth as a leader and a technical expert. I have always believed in leading by example. As a Warrant Officer I will push myself daily, always set new goals, and strive to support and motivate my crew. I will continuously set high standards for myself and my men physically and mentally. I will not hesitate to make tough decisions when the stakes are high and lead by example. Through dedication, respect, commitment, and loyalty, I will accomplish the mission at all costs and fulfill my duties as a member of the Warrant Officer Corps and the United States Army. As an Army Aviator I will be realizing my dream of building a career as a military leader and a pilot, and I am humbled to be considered for the role. Thank you for your time and consideration, Respectfully, Steven Duarte
  8. Haha! Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I havent dealt with recruiters much and Ive always been told to be a bit skeptical but he and my current recruiter have been nothing but great to me so far so I think I was just slightly worked up over nothing to be honest. My packet is coming together nicely and I think I have a great shot.
  9. I'm not totally sure. Also, what kind of training are you doing to get your PT score up? I started pretty low and have been using a 6-week APFT program from "Mountain Tactical" that has been working well for me. I'm 5 weeks in and have shaved over a minute off my run time so far and upped my push-ups and sit-ups by 15+ reps. Always interested to hear about more methods of improving though.
  10. From what Ive read on this forum a good APFT + Why I want to be an Army Aviator ESSAY > good ASVAB + SIFT scores. Im cant imagine the higher scores would hurt though! Also 3 high quality LORs are better than 6 ok LORs because the board doesnt have much time to look through your packet and will most likely just choose 3 to go over. I have not submitted my packet yet but this is just what Ive read. Not sure about the degree. In the March Board thread someone recently posted the average stats of those selected that go around, check it out!
  11. Flight Physical Experience Part 1I am a 27 year old civilian currently building my packet to join the California National Guard as a Warrant Officer and yesterday I went through my first phase of the Class 1A Flight Physical at Fort Irwin, CA. I wanted to share my experience for those interested in how this process works as I was one of those people as of a couple days ago. Obviously, YMMV. I called my local WOSM who gave me the phone number to the Community Hospital on base to schedule my physical. I called and scheduled it myself and was told to be there at 0800. On the day of my physical, I drove to base, got my visitor pass from the visitor center, and drove to the hospital. I checked in at primary care at 7:30 am and got called in at 8:05 am. I was in a small room with 6 other people and the flight nurse gave us all a packet of information to fill out (basic medical packet - emergency room visits, allergies, etc). In the packet was a map of base and a list of requirements for my Class 1A Flight Physical (Labs, Dental, Optometry, Audiology, Anthro, & EKG). She instructed us on how to fill out the packet and that once we were done with all of the requirements to report back to her with all the signed documents to schedule part 2. This was basically like a medical scavenger hunt. All of the requirements were by walk-in only (except for optometry which they scheduled for me at 11 am). Audiology - This was in a building across the street. I walked over from the hospital and they took me right away. I sat in a sound proof room and put on headphones and held a jeopardy-like buzzer and was told to press the button every time I heard the tone. After about ten minutes she told me that my hearing was good, signed off on my paper and I was on my way. Dental - This building was next door to audiology. I walked over and they gave me a little sheet to fill out (standard dental/medical questions). I was a little nervous because I've had a root canal and some fillings before but that did not matter. I got a few x-rays done and then the dentist looked them over, looked over my teeth for about 5 minutes and said I was good. He signed my paper and I was done. Labs - This was back in the main hospital. I went to the desk where they gave me a cup to pee in and a number. I went to the bathroom, peed in the cup, went back and gave them my pee and sat and waited to have blood drawn. They called my number, took 4 vials of blood, signed my paper and then I was done with labs. Optometry - This part took the longest. They gave me 3 different eye drops that dilated my eyes and she told me that my vision would be blurry for the next 24 hours (which I was not expecting). First they tested eye pressure by blowing some air in each eye. Then they had me cover each eye and read a couple letters on the board from afar. Then they gave me 3D glasses and a sheet with some figures on it. I had to tell them which figures were 3D. Then they did a color test where you read them the the colored numbers that are hidden in a different colored circle. After that the optometrist inspected my eyes with a big microscope looking tool and then had me look at a few different charts and say which one looked more clear (chart a vs. b etc.). She said my vision was good but I might need reading glasses when I'm in my 40's. She signed my paper and I was good. All that took place between 8:05 am and 12 pm. The flight nurse wasn't back in until 1:30 pm so I wandered around base pretty blind for about an hour and half, ate some pizza, then went back to the hospital. I met back up with the flight nurse at primary care who looked over my packet, made sure I had all my signatures, and then scheduled my phase 2 for my "Anthro" and EKG which I will go do next week. All in all everyone was really helpful, the medical questions were super basic, and the experience was pretty straightforward. I was pretty nervous about all of this but everyone I met throughout the process made me feel at ease. I am a healthy guy with no history of medical problems except for some stitches I got when I was 6 (which I disclosed on my medical form) so like I said YMMV. Hope this helps inform others who are interested in what the process is like for a civilian getting a Class 1A flight physical done for the first time. TL:DR: Flight physical wasn't that bad (so far).
  12. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the guidance here so far. The wealth of knowledge on this forum is invaluable to anyone going through this process. I may have jumped the gun on my history. The recruiter has pulled my criminal record multiple times at a state and federal level and it is coming back clean. We are working through it and I am excited for what's next. This difficult process, if anything, has only made me more determined to continue. Phase 1 of my flight physical is done and I will be getting phase 2 (EKG & Anthro) done next week!
  13. Hoping to get my packet in for the May board. Still getting a few things together. Here are my stats as of now: Civilian; No Flight Time; No Prior-Service Age: 27 ASVAB/GT: 97/134 SIFT: 61 APFT: TBD (currently clocking in at 287) Flight Physical: Scheduled March 15th Education: Associates 3.9 GPA LORs: TBD (interviews currently being lined up with WOSM assistance) Waivers: none
  14. Yes I am going the California National Guard route. Thanks for clearing that up! As you can probably tell I still have a lot to learn about how this all works so I really appreciate your input. I was under the assumption that after I was trained and with a unit it might be more difficult for me to try and go Warrant with the time they already invested into my training. My initial intention was to go 15T and try to make crew chief eventually before I found out going Warrant was an option so if I need to prove myself first I’ll be happy to do so. I’m going to keep putting 110% into building my packet and hope for the best though.
  15. Thank you for the encouragement. I wasn’t aware your packet was automatically boarded if not selected the first time so that answers that question! The WOSM has been awesome so I don’t think he was feeding me bad info. Also, happy to hear that if enlisted it’s still an option. Thanks for the reply and congrats on making it.
  16. First and foremost - I know that each situation varies greatly depending on circumstance and that many questions regarding moral waivers have been asked and answered. I've been working on my packet for a bit now and I plan on submitting for the May board. I'm waiting for my recruiter to get back from leave next week to submit a moral waiver for me. I was arrested in 2011 at 19 years old for DUI (I won't list the lengthy details unless its needed). The DUI was dropped to wreckless operation of a motor vehicle and transportation of alcohol by a minor. I paid court fines and my license was suspended for 60 days. I wrote a strong letter that I believe will show that I'm well past this and I feel pretty good about my chances of getting a waiver. My WOSM just told me yesterday that "your chances are slim" for getting selected and that if I don't get selected I could "reenlist and apply again once they see I'm serious". I know some guys have been saying that this is a bad idea, that getting in as a civilian is easier than enlisted, and that I should just keep at it. I plan to resubmit until the end. My WOSM & recruiter have been awesome so far and I feel great about having them on my side. Him saying this yesterday gave me a sick feeling that it might be going sour. Does anyone have experience making it through this type of pushback? If I don't get selected the first time and my WOSM tells me to enlist and stops helping, can I submit my packet on my own or does a recruiter do that for you? I am wondering the best way to go about it without being rude, acting like I know everything, and losing their guidance. My current worry is that if I don't get selected first round my WOSM is going to stop helping me and tell me to enlist. I know this is all pretty premature but I want to be prepared and you guys have been AWESOME in helping me with previous questions. Thank you in advance. My Stats: Civilian; No Flight Hours; No Prior-Service Age: 27 ASVAB: 134 GT // 97 percentile SIFT: 61 APFT: TBD Education: Associates Degree in IT - 3.9 GPA LORs: WOSM has a few interviews with senior warrants lined up for me (another reason I don't want to lose his assistance) Flight physical: March 15th @ Ft. Irwin Moral Waivers: 1 TBD
  17. Rough! Good luck next week! Let me know if you have any other questions and Ill try and help the best I can.
  18. I am a 27 year old, non-prior service, civilian applicant with no flight hours building my WOFT packet. I benefitted so much from lurking this thread/forum and I just took the SIFT about 2 hours ago and wanted to post my experience with the test so others can take what they want from it and possibly benefit as well. I'll try and put everything I can remember. I passed with a 61. I am very happy with this score. I've been studying casually for about 1-2 months. Below are the study guides I used, my summary of the test and my stats. Study Guides: The FAA Rotorcraft Manual, Barron's Military Flight Aptitude, Arco's Military Flight Aptitude, 2018/2019 ASVAB for dummies, and the blue and red study guides with the helicopter on the from from Amazon, cram.com flash cards Simple Drawings I answered 98/100 with 3-4 mistakes. 5 drawings are presented in the middle of the screen, you click the answer, and it automatically loads the next 5. Hidden Figures 19/50 with 1 mistake. I didn't feel too great about the amount that I got done. Arco's was probably the closest to the look of the figures. I was given the same 5 figures and they were presented along the bottom of the screen with the new puzzle presented at the top. You click your answer and it automatically goes to the next question. Aviation Information This was pretty much as expected and followed along the same outlines as most of the other posters here. I got a lot of flight control questions as well as some of the following: Induced Flow Translating Tendency What causes Slip and Skid Payload Night Scanning Dissymmetry of Lift Coning Semi rigid vs Rigid Tandem Rotors Temperature Humidity Air Density Altitude and how they pertain to efficiency IM SAFE method Questions like "What is an Army Utility Helicopter" and then presented with different air frames (UH) Basic Aerodynamics (AoA, AoI, Lift, Thrust, Drag, Weight) G air space (wasn't prepared for this) Overall it was pretty much as expected. Would've been fine just reading the FAA rotor craft hand book but the study guides definitely helped. Spatial Apperception The pictures on this one were a little blurry. Wasn't too happy with the layout because of the blur. I got an airplane with just the land and water layout (no helicopter or rock involved). Used all of my study guides to prepare for this one. It was closest to ARCO's practice test. Reading Comprehension One paragraph with four multiple choice questions. I didn't study for this one and it felt pretty complicated. Just choose the answer that can definitely be determined based on the reading. There are a few that will be kind of right and one that will be definite. Try your best to choose the definite. Math Skills Test Thought I was more prepared for this than I actually was. This is the only subtest that I got booted out of. The ones that threw me off were the radical expressions (most of my questions) and geometrical questions. If I could re take my exact test I'd study negative exponents, radical expressions, spheres, cubes, and triangles. Its almost like the test new my weakness : [ Also make sure you're good on probabilities. For example, if you roll a pair of die twice, what is the probability that you'll roll a 12 and then a 7? Mechanical Comprehension Questions about stress types (compression, tension), fluid dynamics, weight, mass, newtons, joules, friction, force, newton's laws, and timing. ASVAB for dummies was my main guide on this one. Overall happy with my 61 as I wanted anything above 60. Honestly felt like I was tanking it so that was a nice relief. I always wondered reading through here how people possibly got through 90+ of the simple drawings but that was actually the easiest part. Also thought I'd be totally screwed on hidden figures but I just drilled them as much as I possibly could and right before I went into the MEPS. I got about as many as I expected. Let me know if you have any other questions! My stats: Civilian; Non-Prior Service; No flight-hours Age: 27 GT - 134 (97th percentile) SIFT: 61 APFT: TBD LOR: TBD (none yet - living in San Diego area with no knowledge of units or anything around me so if you might be able to help point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful!!!) Flight physical: TBD GPA: Associate's Degree 3.98 GPA working towards my bachelor's
  19. Also, is the in-person board interview still a requirement? I'm reading mixed messages from various people and haven't actually talked to the recruiter about this yet. I've seen some say that the in-person selection board is no longer in effect (for civilians at least). Personally, I have no idea.
  20. I can second this. I'm a civilian in the process of street to seat right now and Chief Dieu has been nothing but helpful in guiding my recruiter and I through the process.
  21. Mike, Thank you very much for the helpful critique. I really cut this essay down to the basics after reading some of the other posts in an effort to keep it as concise as possible and I really like your idea of getting some of those qualifications/achievements into the first paragraph. That will leave some of the rest of the essay open to adding more without increasing the length too much. There are some other qualifications I felt would be helpful to include and that will help open it up a bit I think. I also feel like I need to add a better closing paragraph to sum up again why I think I would make a good Warrant Officer/Army Aviator. Thank you for the response! I am going to continue to revise later this afternoon. Steve San Diego
  22. All, I am a civilian with no prior military experience currently working on my WOFT packet. Can someone tell me if I am on the right track with my WOFT essay? I wrote this early on so I can revise it over time and am checking to see if this is on the right track to a solid essay. Trying to keep it down to 3 concise paragraphs per some of the helpful information found throughout this great forum. Its in very rough form so I am hoping to continue working on it. Thanks in advance for your evaluation. "Why I Want to be an Army Aviator" As a Warrant Officer and Army Aviator, my leadership, communication, and technical abilities paired with a passion for education and strong values will serve the Army in all missions in which I am involved. I want to be an Army Aviator because the Army’s core values resonate deeply with my own and I believe this position will enable me to flourish as a leader, soldier, and a technical expert. Not to mention, piloting an aircraft for the U.S. Army is highly exciting to me and will fulfill my childhood dream of operating in the sky. Throughout the process of becoming a black belt in Taekwondo I founded my own core values. Loyalty and respect for my instructors as well as honor for the culture of my art form came first. Eventually, I founded the Junior instructor program of the American Taekwondo Association in my town and became a leader and a role model. Providing my peers a direct path to leadership gave me a valuable sense of honor, pride and great personal fulfillment. As a Warrant Officer I will be loyal to the United States Army, implement my leadership ability, and find great honor and pride in putting my life on the line to serve my country. Multi-tasking under high stress and making impactful decisions with limited information energizes me. While earning my degree in Information Technology with a 3.98 GPA, I focused on a career to develop my technical skill and ability to multitask in high stress environments. As a technical analyst, I became an expert in my field and learned how to effectively communicate in various formats with emergency services as I regularly spearheaded prioritized efforts to restore infrastructure in response to emergency situations. I strive to become an expert in any field in which I am involved. As an Army Aviator I will apply my drive to succeed, passion for education, effective communication skills and technical aptitude to master my aircraft.
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