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  1. Thank you everyone for all your information! I apologize for the time between responses but I wanted to give an update for myself. Ive had my eyes checked and my vision is 20/400. I have to wait a year with an unchanging prescription to be an eligible candidate for LASIK. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the pros and cons of the Gaurd?
  2. Hello everyone, Im a 27 year old civilian with a wife and two kids that is extremely interested in and highly considering enlisting in the Armys street to seat WOFT program. My wife is supportive of my dream to become a Army helicopter pilot but is understandably skeptical of a few things/questions that I havent been able to provide her answers for yet. I would like to thank everybody on this forum first and foremost for any members for their past or current service to our country and secondly because Ive already learned so much from all the previous posts. I apologize for any stupid questions due to my lack of knowledge, but any help will be greatly appreciated. 1. If I do the WOFT enlistment and sign a contract for 6 years and then I am disqualified for any reason do I have to still serve the full 6 years? 2. If Im disqualified from the WOFT path do I just get stuck with whatever job they Army assigns me with for that 6 years or do I get a choice based off my ASVAB scores? 3. Is it possible to get your WOFT packet approved before you sign a contract? 4. Ive read through other posts and have seen that the vision requirement is 20/50 correctable to 20/20. If its worse than 20/50 but still correctable can you still qualify? Does the board/superiors frown upon LASIK enlistees? 5. If youre already enlisted and something in the process drags out, what do you do in the meantime? Please note: I dont have any reason other than my vision that Ive researched so far that could possibly cause disqualification, Im just curious of what the repercussions are if your rejected or not qualified and have already signed a contract. Im going to get an eye exam next Monday and should know for sure what my vision is.
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