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  1. Hey guys, does anyone have experience creating an inexpensive home simulator for helicopters? Other than removing the spring from my flight stick. What else can I do to make my sim better? The stuff that I'll be using are Thrustmaster's T16000M FCS flight stick, TWC Throttle Controller, and TFRP Rudder. Any ideas on how to make the throttle resemble a collective other than placing its base perpendicular to my chair???
  2. I heard the same. Does that mean scheduling of new CC classes and filtering of recent SERE graduates into CC classes will continue?
  3. Hey guys. I was wondering if it would be a worthwhile investment to buy a house at our first duty station. Are we stationed in one place for long? How often do we move? I'd appreciate any distinctions made between rotary wing and fixed-wing aviators as well as the different airframes.
  4. yup. just a few weeks. The flight doc was available when I took the SIFT. However, this isn't the case for most people. It normally takes months before you can get a hold of a flight doc...
  5. Definitely. If you haven't gotten your flight physical done yet, I honestly don't see you making the July Board.
  6. There should be one online, but if you can wait a few days, I might have a copy on my laptop. I'm currently out of town.
  7. Where do you live in Enterprise? Are most listings not available online? Can you personally tolerate just showering and dressing up in the gym on a daily basis if you live off base? Is there like a garage sale of furniture on base like the lemon lot for used cars?
  8. Hi guys. I've read the previous threads on housing, but I still need some help on deciding whether to live On-post or Off-post. 1) How much do you SINGLE soldiers average for utilities a month for On-post and Off-post housing? (I've read that On-post housing only covers "some" utilities.) 2) On hurricanes, how often do they happen at Rucker? (I'm considering renting a mobile/trailer home, but I don't want to get blown away together with the cheap thing.) 3) Is Daleville that bad/ghetto/unsafe? Would I need a baseball bat or gun if I rent there? I'm assuming most folks in Daleville are military, so I don't get what's dangerous. (On google maps, Daleville is way closer than Enterprise, and it would be a shame if I just picked Enterprise cuz everyone else is doing that.) 4) Have anyone of you managed to make Ozark and Dothan work? Can you share your experience. (There's this Rucker student over Dothan looking to share an apartment for 350 dollars.) 5) Have any of you managed to negotiate an extended stay with a hotel 6) Most people on previous threads say its a hassle to go home and shower if you live Off-post. Doesn't the Army gym have showers and lockers we can use? (I'm thinking along the lines of just using that and my car's storage for books to change and get to class after PT, flightline, etc.) 7) Now, for the heaviest question. In relation to #6 and BAH, do we have to substantiate our housing expenditures? (Hypothetically, what if one of us is a cheapskate and decides to live in his car and pocket the bah lol.)
  9. they'll prolly change it up. Doesn't make sense to keep the old dates/sched.
  10. Just the class number. The date for your WOC class is in your enlistment documents which were handed to you when you signed your contract. I wouldn't put too much stock on the written WOCS dates though. (It isn't uncommon for people to be temporarily held back due to an expiring medical and pending security clearance check.)
  11. I didn't wait on purpose, but I did contact him a little over 30 days from the date I signed my contract. I knew my BCT and WOCS date, but I forgot to ask the staff/NCO, who helped me sign my contract (this was the person who you were seated in front of for a long time during the contract signing), what my class number was. So, I emailed him about it. I'm a recent March selectee with a FY20 WOCS date btw.
  12. I got my class number by contacting the WOFT board rep/liaison. His digits are on the email congratulating you on your acceptance. (It's the email with the WOCS orientation packet.) Tell him it's to help you coordinate with other candidates.
  13. We all have the same dates. There are four of us, but two of us, including me, are going to Jackson for BCT.
  14. It's because of both. While poor retention is the main reason, inability to fill slots also aggravates the problem. In this sense, "shortage of pilots coming in" refers to the Army's inability absorb new trainees. The drop in selection rates doesn't necessarily mean the shortage was resolved. It just means that is the number the Army can afford to train at this moment. It's likely the Army doesn't have the budget nor the manpower to train replacements at a fast enough rate.
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