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  1. WOCS: Start Date 26 MAR Class 20-010 According to ATTRS training record
  2. Be proactive and instead of waiting, make a phone call to your recruiter.
  3. Yes, HRC will ensure that everything lines up in ATTRS.
  4. Yeah, I heard that they are booked through March in ATTRS.
  5. I think the new ACFT is by far more demanding and does a better job of measuring an individuals fitness level. However, I believe organizing this new test will be somewhat of a logistics nightmare.
  6. I got ~ 560 when I certified to become a grader/Ncoic. The general minimums are ridiculously easy, but the test will be far harder to max then the current APFT. My short falls were the hand release pushups, medicine ball throw ( barely missed max) and 2 mile run new max is (12:45). I currently can max the APFT pushups no problem, but the lack of momentum for the new pushups make it far harder and I ran out of time.
  7. Click the back arrow in this forum one time.
  8. Usually it comes out on Wednesday. Last time it came out on a different day was November, when it came out on a Thursday.
  9. I know here in TRADOC They want us to take two ACFT's for practice along with the normal two APFT's for record next fiscal year. The MOS I instruct is 52+ weeks long.
  10. If anyone wants me to look over anything regarding their WO application just let me know. I learned a lot throughout this process from some of the best WO out there. I am trying to keep a promise I made to "pay it forward". Best of Luck! -DSHEED
  11. Selected 1st Look (July 2019) AD Army Age: 28 MOS: 94S Rank: SSG(P) TIS: 8 years SIFT: 56 APFT: 280 College: Associates Dean's list 3.4 GPA LOR: O-4, O-5, CW5 Stamped physical
  12. Selected 1st look AD Army AGE: 28 MOS: 94S RANK: SSG(P) TIS: 8 years as of July 12 SIFT: 56 APFT: 280 College: Associates of Arts Dean's list 3.4, approx. 90 credits towards BS in leadership from Embry Riddle LOR: O-4, O-6, CW5
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