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  1. Hey everyone, I've been trying to find some solid answers on financing. I'm just wondering what all of you did to make it to/through flight school. What institution/s did you use? How difficult was it to aquire the financing? Did it include your first born child?(Just Kidding) How hard was it to make ends meet once you had to start paying back, how much were the payments? Thank you all in advance, any help is appreciated.
  2. Hey everyone, I tried to search for some specific answers on this topic to no avail. I was just wondering how most of you managed to pay for flight school. I've been doing research for about a year now and I am positive this is something I want to pursue. I mainly want to hear from those of you that went the finance route. How much were you able to borrow and through which institutions? What were your out of pocket expenses? Where did you go to school? How rough are the first fee years building your hours?
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