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  1. The best advice that I can give is for you to put google to work. My personal LORs were good but just like many others I was lacking pilot LORs. Being prior service, a friend put me in contact with a CW4. I still wanted to find the evasive CW5. I googled all the AV units on Ft. Hood and tracked down their Facebook pages. I then wrote up a well written introduction for myself and messaged it to the Facebook page. I then asked the moderator to put me in contact with a Senior Warrant. A few hours later I received the email to a CW5. Then I just tweaked the introduction and added more content abou
  2. Here you go. It must be opened on mac or pc with a updated version of Adobe Reader DC. https://recruiting.army.mil/Portals/15/Documents/Forms%20and%20Pubs/USAREC%20Forms/UF%20601-210.12.pdf?ver=2019-02-12-091805-460
  3. I apologize if the info that I am searching for has already been discussed on this forum. I am a prior service street to seat applicant. My AD mentor has questioned the form I sent for my LOR. Given my application path and prior service should I be using HQ USAREC Form 3.3? All of my LORs will be from AD personnel. I have asked my recruiter and he has no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Not sure where you are located, but try getting on google and search for Helicopter flight schools. I found a local flight school and gave them a call. Luckily I live near FT. Hood so it made the conversation easier. I explained the process that I was in and went down there and did a discovery flight in the R22 and logged my first hour. My instructor was an ex SH-60 Pilot, so I ended up flying the majority of the flight. I have spoken with them since and have four more flights planned in the R44. What I am getting at is try to turn that 0 for flight time into at least something. It can't hu
  5. I know that it is a bit early. I figured that this could be used as a platform for last minute questions, introductions and advice. The floor is your's. I apologize for jumping the gun, but as the time grows near, the more excited I become.
  6. Glad to hear you were selected SwissK31. Good luck in the future.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Good luck with the boarding process.
  8. I would be happy to. Peer to peer criticism. When I get off work tonight I’ll send you mine and you can send me yours.
  9. Ragnar I am curious how bad your hearing was. Mine is pretty messed up. I have 60s under certain frequencies.
  10. Well said! Be sure to cover up with that DD214 blanket tonight.
  11. http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/21634-may-board/page-6
  12. Great information. Thank you
  13. Thanks for the response. I am still 100% committed to attempting to become an Aviator. The SIFT score was just a bit of a kick in the nuts. The funny thing is that it felt like I was doing a pretty good job. Aside from Mathmatics and Hidden Figures. My biggest mistake so far was rushing into the SIFT. 50% cockiness. 30% unpreparedness. 20% test anxiety. That being said. I feel my LORs are solid. Active O-7 Armor Branch, Reserve CW4 (maybe... sift score mess up), Active O-4 Armor Branch, Active E-8 19K, and a USAF RET B-52 Pilot. APFT will be cake. In 8 years I have always been >290. Migh
  14. Ok thanks for the reply. That was what I needed to know. I will just keep hounding him then.
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