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  1. AGE : 23 GT: 116 SIFT: 59 APFT: 290 EDUCATION: CCAF (Associate's); 70~ credits towards BS in Aeronautics FLIGHT: None LORS: O-3 (OIC); O-5 (CC); CW5 (160th 60 pilot); CW4 (64 pilot); CW4 (64 pilot) OTHER INFO: E-5 Active Duty Air Force; 4 yrs TIS; one NCOER (AF is a little different); No waivers but had PRK a year prior SELECTED: First look May 2019 For other sister service applicants, I went to my First Sergeant and Commander at the beginning of the process (circumventing chain of command) it made the entire process easier when it came to routing paperwork and getting documents signed in a timely manner and left my supervision out of it. I know this is a no-go for some but it worked for me. Also, try to do all the ground work yourself, they'll be grateful to sign an LOR when it's handed to them on a silver platter.
  2. Called the recruiter and was told I'm FQ-S! All of those with dates already, are y'all civilian or AD?
  3. Im sister service in the AF. Had to do a couple correction on some of the memorandums but they sent me the corrections that needed to be made within a day.
  4. Wrapping up my LOR's this week. Hope to make the May board. Age: 23 GT: 116 SIFT: 59 APFT: 290 Education: CCAF; 63 credits towards BS in Aeronautics; 3.1 GPA Mil: Just under 4 yrs TIS; E-5 Physical: stamped; no waivers (had PRK and needed no waivers) Flight exp: None LORs: CW5 at 160th; CW4 instructor at Rucker; CW4 apache pilot; O-3; O-5
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