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  1. When I completed my interview with the flight surgeon they let me know that it was headed to Rucker, my recruiter sent me a text letting me know it was approved. If you're wondering about it and you haven't heard anything just shoot them a quick text or call and get an update.
  2. I've done two flight physicals. Both times I got them stamped within a few weeks. I think the speediest way to get them stamped is just to have nothing wrong with you.
  3. It's gonna be an awesome day! Good luck sleeping the night before!
  4. Was selected on the November board, I went to MEPS the Monday after I was notified, they'll do a quick physical just to make sure nothing has changed, I would expect a June ship date, my ship date is March but I heard people on the November board started getting June ship dates. If your contract is like mine you should be signing up for the 09W MOS which is Warrant Officer Candidate and your contract should say option 12 which is flight training (I don't claim to be an expert so if I'm wrong someone correct me). The staff at MEPS should be really helpful though they'll explain it all to you and make sure you understand everything! Congratulations on getting accepted!
  5. I’m still just a street to seat civ but from what I’ve seen, and I know this has already been suggested to you, waiting for the 15T or 15U slot will be your best bet, this is a marathon not a sprint if August is when you can get that then spend the summer working out and building experience (all stuff that looks good on a WOFT packet)
  6. Just my two cents because I’ve been watching this for a couple days now. The first conversation I had with a recruiter about flight training was during my junior year of high school back in 2013. I then waited another until August of 2018, 5 years, just to start my WOFT packet. I knew I personally needed the real world experience of college and civilian flight training before I could make a serious proposition to any branch that I should be trusted to fly their aircraft. Even now I’ve been graduated from college for 8 months and I still went out and found something meaningful to do while I wait for my enlistment to start. If you want to make it you need to learn to play the waiting game while also bettering yourself. I’m a high school teacher right now which means I spend 40+ hours a week with 17-18 year olds. I know you guys really like instant gratification, every high schooler does (myself included when I was in high school) but in order to become the well rounded person the Army wants for WOFT you need to put in a little time to gain some experience. Whether that’s enlisting and trying again in a few years or college and dropping another packet, you have a lot of time to make the right decision for you. Trust me, 2 years is a drop in the bucket.
  7. My report dates were March 2 for basic and May 20 for WOCS, I've heard they're giving June ship dates now for street to seat applicants
  8. Selected first look November 2019 S2S Age: 22 GT: 135 SIFT: 61 APFT: 250 College: BA Communications Studies, Business Minor, 2.5 GPA, 120 Credit Hours High School: 3.6 GPA LOR: Private Pilot Flight Instructor, CO ARNG O6, Ret. LA ARNG O6 Flight: 43 Hours Fixed Wing Towards PPL Waivers: None Notes: It wasn't an easy path to selection but it was so worth it. I missed the May board because of expired finger prints, then found out the Army changed it's mind on how long flight physicals are valid for (6 months before you board, 18 months after you board even if not selected is what my recruiters told me). This caused me to miss the July board. I submitted for the September board but my packet was lost in the weeds at the battalion level even though it was approved by them. Finally was looked at in November! I agonized over my GPA, I thought I had tanked my chances at selection because of my time in college. Looking back on it I think my essay, letters, and flight hours are what made the difference. If you're serious about this, you can do it. My WOFT packet was a part of my day every day for 18 months and I don't regret one second of it. I leave for BCT at Ft. Jackson in March and will finally step foot on Rucker in May, keep your nose down and don't ever quit! Good luck to all you future aviators!
  9. I was also really worried about my GPA, its not stellar in an area that gets made of for how "easy" it is (I will defend my degree till the day I die Communications Studies was not easy). I know they really want to see who you are as a person, I've heard they really like LORs that know you personally, a good APFT, and a good essay now that they have eliminated the interview. I know for sure that a lot of people have to board more than once before selection so that is not a rare circumstance.
  10. You've got this man! Been working on this packet for over a year now! Don't give up on it!
  11. Just got word from my recruiters that I was selected on my first look! It's been a crazy long process to get here! Tried for 3 boards before this and missed them all because of various administrative issues! Never posted my stats that I applied with at the beginning of this thread so I'll put them here for you all! Age: 22 SIFT: 61 ASVAB/GT: 95/135 AFPT: 250 Education: BA in Communications Studies 2.5 GPA, HS Diploma 3.5 GPA LOR: My PPL IP (16,000 hour 737 pilot), National Guard O7, Retired National Guard O7 (I know all three personally) Physical is stamped with no waivers No prior service, 45 flight hours towards a PPL Planning on swearing in on Monday! (currently a teacher would do it tomorrow if I could but I've got to wait for Thanksgiving break) I hope you all get some good news soon!
  12. I'm glad to see someone else is submitting in May and about to graduate from college, WOFT is the best grad school you can go to! I'll be going in on Wednesday to wrap up my packet and submit, best of luck to you!
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