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  1. I saved mine to my work desktop as soon as I got it and turned in my levy packet. Ill check today to see if mine will open too. Might be a good opportunity to call HRC and get some clarity if you already have dates. Im coming from Europe and have a baby due in 4 weeks so I wanted to get the process started early. MPD claims Ill have orders by the end of the week but we will see.
  2. I received my RFO and have turned in my packet to have my orders written. I expect orders in the next week or so.
  3. Yep. I remember reading that before I found out. And I think I was the first to get word of the AD on the page. So jury is still out regarding AD percentages.
  4. Yeah I didnt know those numbers were for AD.
  5. Was it really that low? Im not doubting as much as just didnt realize.
  6. Thanks gents. I reached out to my recruiter and he checked the system. And yeah just JMPI and PWAC left. Out here learning skills Ill never use.
  7. Just got word from my recruiter. FQ-S See yall soon. Now I have to attempt to focus on Jumpmaster school.
  8. Spam your recruiter. I cant. But, I atleast have JMPI to keep me busy for the next few hours.
  9. If any AD guys find out let us know so we can start pestering Recruiters together.
  10. Lets take a step back... Recruiters making you nervous because you are relying on another person to do their job so you can live out your goals is normal. And if it doesnt make you nervous it should. There are good, bad and indifferent recruiters. If you are active duty and your recruiter isnt responding follow the steps on the site and find another recruiter. If you are a civilian, its free market call another recruiter.
  11. Can anyone who has done the research or dealt with the board already speak to the tentative dates that results are posted? Or when emails are sent? Basically. The Board is 13-17 May. When does everyone find out? I know the Street to Seat candidates find out at a different time than the Active Duty folks.
  12. No problem. I hope I get picked up. Now its just the worlds longest 4 weeks until we find out the results.
  13. No Waivers. Turned in March 14th but, I had some issues with contact methods so I didnt do my corrections until the very last day on 15 April. So less than 10 days from correction submission to Board Ready
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