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  1. Well, good luck to the rest of you AD who, like me, don't know yet. Hope to have some good news tomorrow.
  2. I don't disagree with you, but not everyone in here is Army, let alone Active Duty. I have access to HRC, but I work nights and don't have a CAC reader at home. Some things just aren't learned without experience, but everyone here is at their own fate and needs to figure the ropes out on their own. I just want this list to post so I can stop holding my breath.
  3. I hear you. If I dont make this list then I have to negotiate orders immediately and leave in September.
  4. Not at work until 1500 PST. MILPER our yet?
  5. Just talked to my Rectuiter (for AD) and he told me to wait for the MilPER message.
  6. The MILPER on Wednesday is about the only alternative. I am anxiously but patiently waiting. This is my 2nd look.
  7. Were you applying as AD or Civilian? I used to fish by the TPS Pier when I worked at VX-1 back in 09'-12'... Good luck to you in your endeavors
  8. Congrats! Still nothing on MILPER... Looks like march board came out on Wednesday the week after. Too much stress
  9. AD Navy Applicant I have been attempting at applying for over 3 years. Finally had the time and support from big Navy to allow me the conditional release and operational commitment. Board Ready for the May board (1st) but not sure how that has panned out yet. Preparing myself for a FQ-NS and July Board. Age: 31 GT: 111 APFT: 246 SIFT: 46 LOR: O-4 H-60 Pilot, O-5 H-60 Pilot, & CW5 H-60 pilot and Command CWO Experience: 10 years, H-60 Airframe & Hydraulic Mechanic, E-6 (HH60H,SH60B/F/R, MH60S) College: 72 credits towards BS, 51 towards AS (Aeronautics) Not the hottest stats by any means but a lot of leadership experience and outstanding Eval's(NCOERS) that I hope will benefit me. Good Luck to all.
  10. Any Active Duty folks heard any buzz from recruiters or elsewhere? I know we most likely won't know until mon. or tues. next week at the earliest but had to ask.
  11. I work nights, Pacific time. If no one has posted the HRC message by tomorrow evening when I come in to work, I will be happy to oblige.
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