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  1. Hoping to make this board as well AGE: 26 ASVAB: 140 SIFT: 61 APFT: Around 250 EDUCATION: 55 credits towards a business degree FLIGHT: None LORS: 0-3, CW-3, E-8 (Former JROTC instructor) PHYSICAL: Stamped WAIVERS: None
  2. I've lived in Savannah my whole live and i'm actually in real estate for the moment, that being said Bluffton would definitely be too far of a commute. Richmond Hill would be ok but I would recommend looking for a place in midtown Savannah.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I was under the impression that the SIFT was the most important part.
  4. Just doing chest 2-3 times per week and doing sprints twice a week and a long distance run once. I have been trying to find a more structured plan. I'll probably check out the one you're doing.
  5. Hey guys I just started my WOFT Packet(civilian). This is my first post so i'm hoping you all can provide some insight. As of today I have only taken the ASVAB and got a 140 GT. I will be taking the SIFT next month. AGE: 25 GT: 140 SIFT: 65+ (estimate) APFT: Working hard everyday. Should be around 250 Education: 45 college credits, 2.3 GPA, 2 years high school JROTC Flight: None LOR: CW3, CW2, O3, (working on more) My recruiter told me I need a way to make my packet "stand out." I'm thinking that my 140 GT score along with a high SIFT score will be sufficient. Any thoughts? Also how important is getting that associates degree? What about associates degree vs private pilots license? Or both? Getting one or both is my plan if i don't get selected the first go around. Thanks!
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