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  1. I’m not sure but I would assume it’s because guard/reserve vs active duty slots vary per class. My class total was pretty close to this last selection.
  2. Today’s selection (last 67s class) Chinooks - 3 Blackhawks - 8 (uh-60m) 1 (A/L) Apaches - 6
  3. I was in this exact situation. From my understanding, they use your BASD to calculate AFS. I submitted my packet and did not require a waiver even though my PEBD was over 8 years (BASD was a little under 4 years). Hope this helps. Good luck to you.
  4. Selected July board (1st look) Age: 28 APFT: 286 SIFT: 57 ASVAB: 98 GT: 138 Education: B.S. (3.4gpa) 3 LOR: O-3 Trp CO, O-5 SCO, CW4 4 yrs AFS No Waivers
  5. Selected! If anyone needs me to check a name let me know
  6. Nothing yet. Ive been checking every hour.
  7. My recruiter told me to wait until the milper came out. Sucks waiting!
  8. Glad to see you get picked up this time around. Awesome stats!
  9. That was fast! Do you know if they were notified by email?
  10. Did you try contacting a different recruiter? That was the only way I was able to get an update.
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