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  1. Why won't any of the 5 recruiters I've spoken to in 16 months submit my civilian packet? Jesus it's like it's like a flesh eating virus for them.
  2. Your dog looks like a mix of lab, pit, and German shepherd to me
  3. I need to get my hands on a recruiter that doesn't mess around like the other 3 have in or around DFW, but I'm willing to drive to get my packet submitted. My 33rd birthday is in Feb. It's easy to find a "recruiter", but it's not so simple finding one that's high speed with WOFT packets. Does anyone on these boards know a DFW recruiter competent in WOFT submission? Please and thank you
  4. Wow, no sh*t? That must have been a hell of an essay. Congrats! Now if I can just get my PFT done my packet would be done...
  5. Yes. My local recruiter is only allowing me to have an APFT administered on this Friday. Either it's a whole part of the process, or the bureaucracy of my local recruiters just wants me to get tired of trying and leave them alone to their devices. It gets pretty warm with all this wool over my eyes. 🤯😲
  6. I want to submit my packet today, but I have to find a recruiter willing to administer an APFT for me during or after lunch hours while also being conveniently available. If I was forced to do a short physical due to some "batallion policy" saying something along the lines of "physical at time of submission must be no older than 6 months", do I have to find or obtain that short physical from the flight medical staff and put it in my packet next to my current 18 month (on month 13) 1W stamped physical, or leave it out?
  7. If that is the case, I am going to submit my packet for January, improve anything and everything should the nonselection hammer hit me, and tuck and roll into the March board packet with updates lol
  8. Honestly I expect to fall around 230 or 240 due to low sit ups and run time. I can crank out push ups like a madman and crunch for 30 minutes, but I am weak with the upper end of sit ups so I started doing sprint/walk intervals and sit up pyramids. If the APFT was the new PFT the Army's supposed to implement in October 2020, I'd ace that every time, but it's not that right now so I have serious work to do without jeopardizing recovery. If/when I can get 280+ APFT I think I should submit the packet.
  9. Well, I'm hoping they look heavily on the whole-person concept more than my stats because I cannot improve my age or SIFT anymore and it would be a pretty big pinch to finish my degree in a little over 1 month if I re-enrolled to do it. Either I submit now and improve the PFT should it not be 300 and/or finish the degree later if FQ/NS, or improve now and submit later. Ideas? Either way, I'm on this train. Age: 31 SIFT: 53 GT: 131 ASVAB: 98 Education: 80 credit hours in IT, 96 in BBA Management, A+ Cert, Project+ Cert LOR: USAF/US Customs (Ret.), Army SSG/Naval Contracting Officer (Ret.), Lt Col USAF (Ret.) NPS Physical: Stamped APFT: Awaiting. Also I feel my worst area. All solid whole body strength, conditioning found lacking Security Interim Clearance: Awaiting
  10. That book definitely reads more like a mantra with how repetitive it is... or maybe that's just me. Interesting story about his trials and known/unknown shortcomings. Callousing the mind, growing by doing the uncomfortable, that kinda thing. Similar to Jocko Willink's Discipline Equals Freedom idea. Good books to try to stay motivated while working out if alone. Anyway 20 out of 61, wow. 32.78% selected. Come on, needs of the Army! Increase!
  11. A shame you won't be able to help select more applicants, and that you also may not continue offering advice to us newbies (?), but as you said, you posted multiple pages of guidance, so it's on us to use it wisely. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! Are you perhaps helping in evaluating the May board packets?
  12. According to deadlines, it looks like I'll be in the July board. According to non-deadlines, maybe earlier. What made me want to seek out info about WOFT was my binge-watching of those Green Baggers YouTube videos over and over on WOFT, and there they said Civilians compete against themselves and Active does the same, so it's a 50/50 split between Civvies and Active being selected. Now I do wonder if that includes the former-service guys into the Civilian pool of applicants.
  13. *edit* Fairly squared away now. I appreciate the help.
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