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  1. Like the other guy said, you want to specify YOU and YOUR achievements that affected at a higher level. For me it went the first paragraph was the intro/generic "he's great, pick him". The second paragraph I had the BC comment on the board study halls I ran for my company and that we won't all the Soldier and NCO of the Quarter last fiscal year. Last paragraph I had it mention "I've spoken with long-standing members of the battalion staff, both enlisted and officer, and they can all speak on his character. Watching this Soldier arrive as a Private and explode into the fiery leader he is, it is no surprise he wants to apply to be a Non-Commissioned Officer and feel he would do the Army a great service being one." I'm my O-Room Sergeant, so my CO had a lot to say about me. Really just any additional duties you have and anything you've done great for your platoon/section. For me it was armorer through a deployment, for you, it might be a BOSS rep or whatever.
  2. Based off of my ATTRS email that seems to be my class as well. I don't have a report date but I assume it'll be about two weeks before then. Is there a milsuite place our class is connecting and then done anyone know if we'll be doing the ACFT or the APFT? I know for NCOES they're switching to ACFT next FY but I'm curious about us.
  3. You can submit your packet, but it will be considered deficient until it gets that stamp, so it'll be held on to by the warrant officer recruiting team.
  4. I say the one of the kid who you grew up with would be better. Having high ranking people can be nice but not if they're just saying generic stuff about you. The board wants to have people who can speak on your character because integrity is your biggest thing as a warrant.
  5. What were your stats if you don't mind my asking?
  6. Just got selected first look this board. Stats are as follows: AGE: 20 ASVAB GT: 123 SIFT: 41 APFT: 271 EDUCATION: 28 Credits FLIGHT: None LORS: O-3, O-5, W5, 2 star, SF Full Bird OTHER INFO: Active Duty, E-5(submitted and got boarded as an E-4), 25U, 2.5 years TIS PHYSICAL: Stamped and Approved WAIVERS: "LASIK Medical" I put it in quotes since LASIK is the most common waiver and gets instantly approved. Had multiple people review my resume and all agreed it was very strongly written. Also the LOR from a two-star. If anyone here is struggling try shooting that high up the tree, worst thing they'll say is no. That's what worked for me.
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