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  1. Okay so its been about 6 of my 12 month wait to resubmit for a moral waiver. Had my hunting waterfowl hunting citation waiver denied, appearently there were enough applicants not needing waivers in the aviation branch, that needing to approve mine was not necessary, ending in a denial. I recently just heard of information from a pretty credible source at USAREC that I could possibly resubmit. Since this denial, I have managed to get my rotorcraft flight instructor license and a college degree. Just wondering but to anyone who might be reading, could a request for reevaluation for a moral waiver be considered within a 12 months denial wait? I am planning on contacting him personally and getting specifics on this but maybe someone might be able to throw me some free chicken.
  2. I actually was just about to post about waivers, this post made for a pleasant read. Pertaining to waivers I will say this, pay attention to detail, this is where I failed and ultimately got a simple waiver denied and now have another 6 months left on my year wait to resubmit. Here is where I sucked and where I would advice paying close attention so that maybe you might have better results. There is a memo format the waiver needs to be in, take that temple and follow the easy ass instructions. Both my recuiter and myself failed to see this. My product was a 5 sentence statement word document for my hunting violation. That memo also mentions if its not in that format it will be looked at as if it were not taken serious by the applicant. Also include any adjuticating information and most importantly a character reference letter from an individual. It doesnt have to be an aviator just someone that can attest to your character. I did not do either. You can have the best packet put together, but if you need a moral waiver and over look something like I did, you might get to a result thats unfortunate like I did. Good luck man!!! Also to anyone who might think this is useful information. Waivers get approved/disapproved about t-14 days from the board and consider it a "mini board" from my understanding (if you want a good POC on waivers slide into my DMs). I was informed that my NCOERs, education and flight experience were looked at and my disapproval memo mentioned something to the effect: though I have applied myself academically, and other mumbo jumbo, there were enough applicants not needing waivers that the need for a waiver was to be unapproved. Sounds weird but pretty much there were enough applicant not needing waivers, they pretty much said naw homie. I was also informed that my NCOERs were not "most qualified" that qualified and highly quailfied were not what they were looking for at the time. This brought me to the conclusion that not only were my half-ass waiver documents looked at but also other portions of my WOFT applications. This is not to say that I recieved a NonSelect, I just got denied a waiver.
  3. If you do decide to get civilian training, Thedude has sound advise but if you decided to obtain your PPL try for a fixed wing PPL. ASEL PPL will run you half the price of a helicopter PPL and a license is a license whether its helicopter or ASEL. 15k is a price if your making all your stage checks accordingly and checkride right at 35-40hr. If your like me, bit of a slower learner, its gonna run you 17k.
  4. Thanks for the perspective on the first portion of your comment. As far as the second one, I got out a couple years ago and figured a degree program with helicopter training was the way I wanted to go and about to finish. I figured if Imma be in school might as well do what I want to be doing. Little did I know my continued wanting to be in military service and coupling that with flying. I just had no clue how difficult it would be getting back in. Thanks for the insight! Im going to wait out my waiver denial and reapply this fall.
  5. I know how to get you selected for flight training with 100% guaranteed chance of acceptance...enlist. Enlist, apply WOFT get accepted cool (your a pilot), dont get accepted apply for a civilian school (you will get accepted and oh your a pilot now). Enlisting will 100% get you in the air no matter how you slice it but if your applying civilian WOFT, beef your packet up. Remember guys, WOFT is not the only way for free flight training. Ill keep saying this, the Army will get you in the air on the controls of a flying machine thats not suppose to be flying.
  6. DM your email for my study material 


  7. Bro why you gotta be going full deep like that for!
  8. Okay, so I have a bit of a dilemma. I was informed during the November Board that my waiver request was denied and I would have to wait a year reapply (I'm the cormorant guy). I learned today that I could have a good opportunity to fly for the TX NG. The process for waivers is different and that I could possibly make this coming board in March. Here is my dilemma. I am a believer that nothing is guaranteed and during my current civilian flight training, my idea was to apply for Active Army as a civilian and use my VA Benefits to reinforce a civilian flight career while obtaining my Bachelor's Degree, as a civilian. Since I got my denial I have been focused on being a Flight Instructor the issue is that I am not complete and again nothing is guaranteed. I still need to find employment. I very passionately want to fly Army but do not want to compromise introductory flight employment as a civilian. My questions are: To anyone who has juggled a civilian flight job with Army National Guard Flight, how did that situation treat yall? A lot of civilian helicopter flight jobs are 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. I feel like I could do that and incorporate National Guard Flight the issue is those jobs require 1000hrs minimum. Flight instructing could set me up better professionally but man I want to fly Army so badly. There is no civilian flight school that would hire a National Guard Pilot so I think I would have to find something else till I hit that 750-1000hr mark. What do yall think, try again go for gold and compromise some civilian flight gigs (again Im a low hr pilot) or pass and try again at a later date?
  9. Yeah man, keep pushing till they (the board) tells you no. Stemming off of a previous comment, network amongst your flight school, guaranteed someone was a Army Pilot at one point. Try to get a face to face with the Chief Instructor or Owner. I will be resubmitting this coming November after a waiver denial, stick with the mindset that you will keep trying till someone legitimate tell you no (again the board), that how I am going about it. Good luck man, worse worse case, sign a three year contract, get out and get civilian training paid for by the VA. I have posted in a previous thread, the Army can get you wings one way or another.
  10. Saw your selection update on a thread. You got denied a waiver it seems, I received a waiver denial. About how soon before the one year mark did you resubmit your waiver before the 1 year mark? Im assuming you submitted the waivers before the one year mark so you would be ready for the soonest possible board (in your case nov). Im just curious your timeline. 

    1. gravityrideseverything


      I didn't plan on submitting another application for active duty again at the time due to my selection with the National Guard. Once I realized I was running out of options, I submitted my active packet. I was over the year wait but I was told at the time of my age waiver denial in 2018 that I could not submit until one year total elapsed. My understanding is that if the board is after the year timeline then you may submit you packet prior to allow for waiver processing. I would just make sure that your recruiter knows your intentions. 

  11. What I have advised poeple to do is be sure when you do about 2-3 hrs of flight training, be sure your instructors applies for a student license for you. Anyone can say they have done DiscoFlight or even say they have 10hrs flight experience. I often times, atleast during what was my applicantion process (denied waiver), I would ask myself would a board member over look this or take it serious. I think certificates of any kind are taken serious, I would think even a student license from the FAA would be taken somewhat serious. In short, if you do decide to recieve light flight training, be sure you will recieve a student license. So the FAA Knowledge Test is a multiple choice written exam needed in order to take an FAA Practical Exam. They are pretty big deal for PPL student but kinda just turn into something that is papitas after that. Regardless of how you see them, they are a necessary prerequisite in the FAA eyes. I think you will need an endorement from a CFI but all they will ask to see normally is 2 practice exams with a 90+ on each. FAA knowledge test run about 160 and I would highly advise getting SheppardAir, about 40 bucks, for study material. If you use their study strategy you pass my a huge margin. Bottom line I think you are on the right track in beefing up your packet, 20/45ish, this board is back to being competitive again and people might ask, "why are you paying for flight training the Army will pay for it". Well you gotta get selected first and doing what your doing I think helps more than anything. I got a year before I can apply again and in the likelihood I do get selected, that's about 2 years before I can get at the controls of an Army Helicopter. Might try my luck with the Navy but Im thinking commercial aviation will be my thing. To anyone needing any adivce on civilian flight training, even more so, prior service memebers who have VAED and wanting advice on civilian flight training, slide into my DMs. Atleast in my opinion, aviation particularly helicopter aviation is an untapped market and the jobs are there so there is alot to be hopeful about!
  12. So quick update cause I would hate to hear about someone in a similar situation I was previously in concerning moral waivers. I will take ownership in not doing enough in arming myself with knowledge to better navigate this situation. My memo contained to arguements as two why my waiver was denied. First, was that my waiver "did not contain compelling content to support a moral waiver in accordance with AR 135-100." I would highly recommend anyone submitting a moral waiver to look up this regulation. After reading portions of this, I have a better understanding of what should have been mentioned in the waiver request (my written statement about my waiver). I dont think they spend much time going through the whole packet and all that was mentioned in the memo was my higher education success and prior military service. Going back if I were to have known this, I would have written more than just a 5 sentence paragraph explaining my situation and mentioned my Commercial-Instrument and Instructor Rotorcraft rating endeavors. Does anyone that has had a moral waiver approved fimiliar with this AR? Second, due to not having compelling information with regard to that AR, it was also mentioned that an adequate number of board packets are being considered for selection not requireing a waiver for mandatory prerequisite, therefore I will have to wait a year to reapply. All in all, I made a mistake two years ago hunting, it was not out of neglect or malpractive and am paying the price for it. Pilots take learning from other pilots mistakes to a new level. Hearing stories of an altimeter setting being 50' to low and pilots succumbing to CFIT mortifies me. I hope my situation can get some of yall woke and do what needs to get done for that coveted FQ-S status.
  13. Back seater? Naw Im just at the ass end of my civilian flight training and will be on the employment market soon. I just hope my attitude for Army flight is the same after reaching 1000hr civilian flight time. At that point I might get to caught up in the civilian aviation life. When I say it has been a life dream of mine to fly Army, I mean it. More than likely Ill be back. Could you elaborate on the "limited waivers" topic?
  14. Im waiting for my recuiter to email me the denial memo. One of two thing one from my recuiter and one from a USAREC NCO; one (recuiter paraphrase), memo stated something like there was enough applicants with approved waiver that the need for more was unnecessary (something to that affect but Im skeptical about it), two (USAREC NCO) my incidient was two years pretty much to date and that could have been the disqualifier. Im going to send out an email to the POC on the memo and get the full picture. I beat myself up for shooting that damn bird but hey I pulled the trigger, Ill be the first to take complete ownership of it, its common in the waterfowl hunting community, which is why I didnt think it would be this big of a deal. Then again I know people get waivers approved for far worse violations. After conducting some research on my offense and from what I can remember the day I got cited, it was a Class C Misdameanor. Now I have to try and find a flight instructor gigg soon. Alot of people bash on Army Aviation and hey somethings might be true. Ill tell you this, as a former E5 Infantryman who knows what true Army suck is, that paycheck did me good, I was looking so forward to this too. Anyways rant over!
  15. Well guys, count me out for the next calender year. Just got notified that my waiver was denied. Im a little flabbergasted by this considering the reason for my waiver but then again I the only one to blame at the end of the day. Hopefully my attitudes to being an Army pilot is still the same this time next year that is if a student pilot hasnt killed me lol. I will have to restart everything from the beginning once next Nov comes about, hopfully to not get denied. Anyways good luck to all!
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