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  1. Hey guys I was a street to seat candidate and just got selected for WOFT. I used VR extensively and in trying to give back I'm making a video series on you tube basically walking you through the entire process. I have a few videos up now if you want to check them out. I would also appreciate any feedback/things to add I might have left out. (For you guys that also went through the process.) anyhow here is the link below to my intro.
  2. Yup 20 out of 61 selected. You can see the results of page 12 of this forum. It was a stressful board to be a part of!
  3. Alright so while the AD guys are waiting for their results to drop , best of luck to you all I hope you get better rates than the civilians did, I'll go ahead and put my class dates up! BCT 08-19-19 WOCS 10-30-19 Any future class mates?
  4. AGE: 27 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 98/137 AFAST:SIFT: 63 APFT: 280 EDUCATION: BS Music Education/Biology FLIGHT: 13.8 BOARD: May 2019 LORS: AK State Trooper, AK State Trooper LT, College Swim Coach, Fire Department Captain, Chief Warrant Officer of the Aviation Branch OTHER INFO: SELECTED:Yes
  5. Was that HERE supposed to be a hyperlink? Or did you want us to post them here
  6. So i actually just got off the phone with my recruiter. He did check a list but it was not on MILPERS. he happened to be at MEPS and somebody there had got him the list. not one that he has access to. He just called me when he was there. Sorry for that misinformation everybody! Best of Luck!
  7. Technically Word of mouth, but my recruiter was able to check for me and a friend so I am assuming something resembling a list is out.
  8. FQ-S! My recruiter confirmed super competitive Board. The results are out, at least for civilians. Tell your recruiters to check the MILPERS.
  9. Ya! Congrats!! Lets us know when you hear anything else the rest of us are still pacing haha and keep us posted on you're class dates!
  10. Woah can't just leave it like that! You got to ask what he did so all of our recruiters can do the same!
  11. All is quite on the May Board Front! I say we start a pool. Closest person to the minute when the results drop wins bragging rights as excellent guesser! I'll start by optimistically saying 15th May 2300 z time
  12. Wait did you already sign?? You know the same thing happened to me 20/20 both eyes but a slight astigmatism in my left eye!! The flight doc at first told me there was nothing I could do but after digging I found out I could have Lasik. Honestly man from my experience I would do the Lasik right now. Besides the difference between flying and not flying, I had 20/20 and you think well my vision isn't going to get any better it's unnecessary... It does get better I see 20/10 now and you can tell the difference! It's expensive that's true 5.2 Grand total for both eyes. But then you never have to worry about it and you get to fly. And you do it on your terms not just hoping that the military will do it for you. One of those grab life by the horns thing. I could go on, but don't want to clutter the feed. Like I said I literally went through the same thing but I got the Lasik. If you want to know more about what I went through and why I went with Lasik pm me.
  13. Well I did have my recruiter make my appointment, but when I went in, I went in on my own. For me when I went to Rucker I got a guest pass and I was able to get in and off base just fine. Definitely do as Seminole did and try to get both part 1 and 2 at the same time. If you don't get that, make sure you get your part scheduled BEFORE you leave after your part one!!! And then once your part two is completed get a copy of your stamped physical. Then take that to your recruiter back home. It's a long process... I don't know how long you all worked on it but mine took over 18 months. 3 of those were spent at Rucker in part getting this physical. Best of luck to you! One last thing make sure your recruiter knows you mean business! I had to go through 3 because they weren't as committed to my flight packet as I was. I imagine that some recruiters will just tell you to wait until they can get it scheduled locally, because they don't want to go through the hassle of scheduling your flight physical at Rucker. Don't let them make you wait. If your recruiter isn't willing to make a phone call when you're willing to travel to a different state to get something done you're not on the same page.
  14. Are you be civilian or active duty? Are you traveling to Ft Knox? Or are you in that area? If you're willing to travel they do flight physicals at Ft Rucker every Thursday. That's what I did and I live in Alaska! It'll take some phone calls but it could be done. Other than that I'm not sure
  15. This might be a little late for you, but anybody else interested in what exactly those dream crushing flight surgeons are looking for you can go to this link and click on the PDF. Section 4 has all the disqualification information for a Class 1A flight physical. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1002549
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