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  1. Thanks everyone! I figured the guard would be the best option! Cheers!
  2. 35, NICE!! I just posted a question about age waivers. I’m curious at 37 if it’s even worth a shot. I’ve been out of the service for a whiiiiile, but do have 5,000 hours heli PIC.... maybe a punchers chance...
  3. Curious what the max age for waivers in a WOFT packet are? All I can find online is 33-34.. Edit: I just read in the other thread of an applicant that got selected at 35! Maybe there is a chance I haven’t spoken to a recruiter yet but, I’m prior service 15T and hold FAA Comm, Inst, CFII, CFII and 5,000 hours PIC time. Sounds crazy to even consider going back in but life is throwin curveballs at me and it sounds intriguing again. So just curious if it’s even worth a call to the recruitment office. I’m 37... yikes.
  4. Couldn't be more wrong here hahahaha! The circus is not in the business of putting out fires, they are in the business of managing them.... Also, if you're making anything less than $500 a day (however it comes to be with daily, hourly etc) in the astar, you're screwing yourself and everyone else. Stand up for what you are worth and deserve. Dont just do it for the experience or cause its cool. Also, fires are actually kind of fun when you get in a Restricted category. You wont have your babysitter right there messing with your radios, or telling you how to land, or whatever other dumb stuff they try and say. Restricted is the way to go no doubt. Just you and your bucket, often times getting to freelance which is actually really enjoyable.
  5. What is the weight of the home? Feel free to pm me
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