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  1. Well, got FQ-NS. Recruiter said out of the 70 or so applicants only 15 were selected. Sounds like it was a pretty competitive board. Fingers crossed for the next one!
  2. Hey Seminole, Thank you for taking the time to read through my essay. I think I see what you are saying, and will be doing some reorganizing. I was a little hesitant to put too much emphasis on why I wanted to be a pilot (despite the title) because it seems like everyone who is applying wants to be a pilot for the same couple reasons. I had read in another thread that the board reads so many of these and you don't want to just put "I want to serve my country" or "I've always dreamed of being a pilot" even though those are both true. I tried putting a bit more focus on why I was qualified for the job, not why I wanted it. Do you think I'm on the right track? Thank you, Luke
  3. I have finally finished my packet, got my physicals stamped and approved and am ready to submit it. I would like to get some quick feedback on my essay so I can make any last minute changes that are needed. Some stats: Age: 19 Asvab: 89 AFQT; 123 GT\ LOR: 0-3 Pilot, E-8, and Boy Scout troop leader (also firefighter captain). Education: HS, EMT B Flight experience: approx. 8 hours fixed wing Aaaand the essay: Why I Want to be a Warrant Officer I believe that I am well suited for a career in the Army as a warrant officer because of my leadership, personal courage, and dedication to service. As a former member of the Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol, I have learned how to work cohesively in a group and function effectively in a regimented setting. While in the Civil Air Patrol I had the opportunity to fly in a Cessna for a total of about eight hours over multiple flights. While not much, those flights were instrumental in realizing my love of aviation. During my four years as a boy scout I developed an appreciation for the outdoors through many backpacking and camping trips. I was fortunate to have the chance to go on a week long trek in the backcountry of New Mexico with my patrol, where I was elected to be responsible for navigation and safety. My experience as a leader in Boy Scouts and a Civil Air Patrol Cadet have helped to prepare me for the challenges I will face as a warrant officer. Being an army aviator will require me to think quickly and clearly under pressure. Having spent much of the last two years climbing and mountaineering at a fairly high level, I have learned how to function in high stress situations. Spending multiple days climbing a 3,000 foot cliff will teach you quickly the importance of self reliance and keeping a cool head. As an EMT I have also learned how to perform complicated tasks with serious consequences under pressure. I have no doubt that these skills will serve me well as a pilot. My desire to serve my country in the greatest capacity I can has driven me to pursue this path. I am looking forward to making army aviation a long term career where I can grow as a leader and a soldier.
  4. Hey all, pretty new here and to this whole WOFT deal. So is there a board every other month? In other words, when I submit my packet on friday, will I have to wait until late may to hear back? My recruiter did not know much about the process.
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