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  1. It is 18 months from the date it was initiated. Not 18 months from the date it was stamped. I called AEROMED down at Rucker to confirm this. Your flight physical must be valid through the time period that you’re projected to graduate WOCS. Right now, WOCS is fairly backed up. I had to re-do my flight physical because of this.
  2. SIFT score is a discriminating factor, but can be made up for in other facets of the packet. The board looks at the whole person concept. (Source: CW5 who wrote my LoR sat on the board in the past.) Keep in mind that majority of the board members who look at your packet are not Aviators! They are Warrant Officers of other specialties. 57 is a very good score. I personally scored a 59. Your stats are solid. Keep in mind the average for this aptitude test is a 50 with a standard deviation of 10. Using these variables, it means that you scored better than around 80% of the people who take the exam. I had fairly similar stats to you. I was selected first look. Here are my stats from when I was selected on the May board: AGE: 22 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 93/128 SIFT: 59 APFT: 270 EDUCATION: 31 Semester Hours 3.75 GPA MILITARY: SPC (P) 28 months TIS Airborne SERE-C FLIGHT: None LORS: O-3, O-3, O-5, CW5 OTHER INFO: No waivers SELECTED: May 2019 board (First Look) Bottom line: submit your packet! They want young, physically fit, and smart individuals that they can retain for a long time!
  3. In the past, you had to go through a different phase of WOCS if you werent a BLC graduate. They completely got rid of that extra phase. Everyone goes through the same WOCS, regardless of PME.
  4. Being ALC complete has absolutely no bearing on HRC cutting you an earlier WOCS date.
  5. There is a checklist on the USAREC website pertaining to WOFT. It states the documents that you need. I dont see anything in regards to a resume on there. General guidance pertaining to your essay. Id stick to providing examples as to why you KNOW youll be a great Aviation Warrant Officer. Majority of the board members who evaluate your packet at HRC are not Aviators. They are Warrant Officers of other specialties. Your essay is a chance to converse to the board other facets of yourself that may not be depicted in your packet. They only look at your packet for a couple minutes, so it is vital to get your point across quick. Be precise, concise, and to the point. Really drive it home. Id recommend changing your first sentence to something that isnt as cliché.
  6. If the resume isnt a requirement, dont do it. Im not sure how the civilian process works.
  7. Dont you already have these job positions on your resume? Take a look at the sample packet off the Warrant Officer recruiting website. Read the information pertaining to the essay. Specifically, SECTION VII - Summary.
  8. Be straight to the point about why you are a great candidate to become an Aviator. Also, WOULD you be a great candidate? Or do you KNOW that youd be great? Theres a big difference. Passive vs active voice. Get familiar with Army writing. AR 25-50, 1-37. Also, you better capitalize the S in Soldiers when you submit the essay. I would condense your essay to three solid paragraphs. Board members look over your packet for only a couple minutes. I had mine condensed to three paragraphs with concrete evidence as to why I KNOW that I have the skills and competence to become an Army Aviator. I was selected first look, Im Active Duty. These are just my tips, prima facie. Good luck.
  9. I was told that they changed it because selection day is a huge family event. They dont want to embarrass someone who is low on the OML, which is why they call them out alphabetically.
  10. They are definitely not cancelling this board. The Pilot deficit is huge. 153A is getting boarded everytime through the end of this FY and all of next FY. You can even reference the USAREC website for the board schedule. You can read the Army Times article that came out 7 AUG in regards to the deficit. Keep pushing those packets forward!
  11. This exact situation happened to a guy in my unit. He is currently waiting out a required five years since he referred himself to SUDCC for alcohol abuse. It is waiverable. Since it has been seven years since the incident, you should have a chance. Dont worry about wasting Army money. Force the Army to tell you no. Do not self assess. Also, dont spend any more time on the rest of the packet until you pass the SIFT and have a stamped Class 1 physical from Rucker. That is essentially putting the cart before the horse. Focus on the 25 meter targets rather than the 300 meter ones. Pass the SIFT. Then pass the Physical. Then worry about everything else.
  12. I know theyll have to request conditional release from their Branch. Conditional releases also expire at a certain point... Some of the Interservice transfers selected along with me were worried about having class dates that would allow them to separate in time before their conditional release expires. Other than that, Im not too familiar. I know there are multiple interservice transfer selectees on this forum. Hopefully they can provide more guidance.
  13. 18 months from the initiation date. Mine expires a week prior to my estimated graduation of WOCS, therefore, I am currently in the process of doing a second Class 1 Flight Physical! Your physical needs to be solid for 18 months from the initiation date through your graduation of WOCS. If it is not, you will have to complete another physical or else you can be denied enrollment at WOCS. Source: I contacted the AEROMED Center down at Rucker directly for clarification since I couldnt find anything in the regulation or Policy Letter about the date that the 18 month time limit starts.
  14. You have the same resource available to you as your Flight Surgeon. Take a look at the Aeromedical Policy Letter and use CTRL + F. Youll learn very quickly that taking blood pressure medication is NOT a disqualifying factor.
  15. Might as well read up on AR 623-3 and AR 25-50 too.
  16. Yes. There is an extensive wait list already waiting for these specific slots.
  17. HRC cant just magically give you an earlier date when theyre booked through March 2020 lol.
  18. Civilian list comes out well before AD. Civilian list is not posted on HRC. Why havent you contacted your recruiter? You are literally posting amongst AD applicants waiting for the MILPER to come out. Civilian list and AD list are mutually exclusive.
  19. Good luck to them when they have to submit evals through EES. Or even write an eval to begin with. Or even format a memo IAW AR 25-50.
  20. Log in to HRC and check the latest MILPER Messages. You all really need to know Admin functions regardless of what you do.
  21. You arent going to see orders for a month until after your selection board and all of the WOCS courses are filled through March 2020, per HRC. Source: I was selected on the May 2019 board. I have orders for WOCS starting March 2020. We all have orders.
  22. I was selected on the same board as you and received a WOCS date of March 2020. All of the WOCS courses are filled through March, per HRC.
  23. This thread is specifically for members of this forum who have been selected. To post their stats for future members to reference accordingly. Your post is in the wrong thread. Also, youll need a waiver for TIS since the maximum is now 8 years AFS. Please note the thread title, Check Out the Stats of Selected Members HERE.
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