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  1. I wouldn’t say the sift was your issue. You’re not mature militarily so the next thing they would probably look at is your LORs and resume summary. Submit again in a year. Good luck
  2. Has anyone completed a flight physical while in Kuwait?

  3. Today’s selection. I got Guns Babyyyyyy
  4. Covid has made flight school a lot less gay from what used to be. If you prefer in person learning, you may have a problem. The online classes allow you more time at home if you have a family. You don’t have to take a bus to the airfield now (you can drive your POV) and you don’t have to worry about going into a class room for academics after you just stressed the hell out of your nerves flying. Anyone who has been through the pipeline before covid will tell you how jealous they are of those going through now. WOCS is silly af. There are some restrictions but not much.
  5. I’m pathfinder qualified. Flight school is a lot more application of the information you have to retain whereas pathfinder is more of retaining info for a written test. You will take more test in flight school than any other time in your life. Apply yourself and you’ll pass. It’s not hard at all.
  6. Nah brother not my class. I select next selection.
  7. I’m not intentionally misunderstanding you. What you wrote didn’t make sense to me. The only things CIF will issue you is TA-50. Everything else is on you. There’s clothing and sales, and LEEs alteration shop that will have pretty much anything you need for Wocs.
  8. Well how would you be attending wocs if your not in the military? All I’ll say is show up prepared with everything that is on the list just like everyone else will or you most likely won’t start the course. You can’t expect to be pinned WO1 and not do the basics required of you prior to the start date.
  9. Where’s those recent selection numbers tho?
  10. With the new 10 years active duty service obligation (Adso), your waivers shouldn’t Be an issue. The army will get 10 years out of you if you’re selected.
  11. One thing you will learn in flight school is priorities. It’s not hard. If you keep your head in the books all day, everyday, you will only make your time here sickening. That’s not to say, don’t study. You just gotta know when enough is enough. The instructors will give you all the tools to make it through. If you f**k off you could still pass with at least a 70 average...... and you’ll fly Blackhawks for sure (eww).
  12. Lol. He right! Good luck gents. You’ll get selected, if not first look then second. If you don’t get selected after your second look, try again.
  13. Only 10 were selected for per board due to covid restrictions on wocs. Good luck and hopefully your packet stood out
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