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  1. Lol. He right! Good luck gents. You’ll get selected, if not first look then second. If you don’t get selected after your second look, try again.
  2. Only 10 were selected for per board due to covid restrictions on wocs. Good luck and hopefully your packet stood out
  3. Anyone here any rumors of a upcoming change where SFC will be pinned CW2 upon completion of WOCS? I’ve heard this rumor from two different people.
  4. 🥱 2 paragraphs max. They don’t have time to read a book when assessing your packet. The first sentence of your first paragraph has to grab their attention. You last sentence of your last paragraph has to make them believe in you. What makes you the right guy for the job? Why you want to be a part of the warrant officer cohort and aviation community? What sets you apart from the masses? That’s all you really need to write about. They don’t need to know your history And what you did in each position you’ve held in the army. Your erb and ncoers will tell them all of that. Good luck...... P.S. write gooder!
  5. Thank you for the detailed response. I’m gonna be a flight student and I’m trying to save some money in BAH but also be pretty close to post. I’ll most likely find a place in enterprise
  6. You didn’t get selected because not everyone gets selected on their first look. I learned that after my first look. I changed and few things in my Resume and was selected on the second look. I honestly don’t even think my resume or packet was the issue. I believe it’s a numbers thing. Once they reach that number, they push everything to next board and they start where they left off on the last board. That’s my theory. If you try to work on anything it should probably be your summary and duty descriptions. It’s frustrating I know but I would say you have a better shot next board than you did on this one.
  7. If you want to email me your stuff to look Over, I can tell you what you should fix. I’ll also send you my packet so you can see what a selected packet looks like
  8. I was selected on the July board. My stats were very similar to yours. I’m 35 with a little over 12 years ‘tis. The trick is selling yourself to the board in your writing. Your resume summary, ERB and photo need to be on point.
  9. If your status reads Board Ready..... you are a non select
  10. Is it best to live on post while in the pipeline? What areas to avoid off post?
  11. Your AD recruiters should know by COB today. Will they tell you? Some will, some wont. Good luck!
  12. WOCS Mar 11 WOBC APR 25th Fawkkkkk yeaaaaa
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