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  1. Bump for the January selectees. *personal request * If anyone was selected with a moral waiver submission, I’d love to take a look at it. I’ve read the guidelines on the WO recruiting site and multiple posts, but I think getting eyes on someone’s would be greatly beneficial...and appreciated! My inbox is open and I can message you my email. Thanks!
  2. To answer your questions, your best bet is to find and ask your new recruiter. What will transfer can be unpredictable but, as mentioned earlier, I would stay within the same Battalion, preferably Company, to eliminate the need for a Meps to Meps. You can call a different station and ask which MEPS they use and if they are in the same Battalion/Company or message me your location and I’ll let you know what your options are.
  3. I'm trying to make this board so I'll put myself out there AGE: 28 ASVAB GT: 116 SIFT: 54 APFT: 282 EDUCATION: 18 credits towards Aeronautics degree. Had 44 in JST towards Business, but lost a lot when I transferred schools. A little concerned about this. Any input is welcome. FLIGHT: None LORS: O-3, O-4, 0-5 OTHER INFO: Active Duty, E-6 (P), 13B, 10 years TIS, Afghanistan x 1, Kuwait x 1, Honor grad at ALC, SLC complete, currently on recruiting. PHYSICAL: Stamped WAIVERS: Moral (speeding) & AFS *Feel free to PM me if you need REDD reports or have recruiting related questions.
  4. A really important note to add is if you decide to go give the enlisted side a shot first you need to enlist into an MOS that requires a security clearance. Without a finalized clearance you cannot apply in service. As others mentioned, I’d drop the WOFT packet.
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