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  1. That is so frustrating! Did he just ghost you or what? If you havent heard by tomorrow Ill reach out to my recruiter and see if I can get the list.
  2. I swore in yesterday as well and got the same basic and WOCS dates. See you at Fort Jackson in March!
  3. Age: 28 F ASVAB: 98 / 135 GT SIFT: 67 APFT: 272 Education: BS in Communications (3.95 GPA) LORs: O-4, CW4, CW5. No prior service. No flight. No waivers. Busted my butt to get my packet together in 10 weeks. I was lucky to have a pretty good recruiter! Picked up on first look. Getting married in a few days so it has been a big week.
  4. Got word today that I was selected! Very excited. Recruiter said there were 20 civilians selected of 61 total applicants.
  5. Did you ever get a concrete answer on this? I am in the exact same situation and would like to have some kind of confirmation that my packet will be going to the September board. I pestered my recruiter, and even though he has done several WOFT packets he doesn't seem to know anything about checking Board Ready status. I am happy to follow-up with anyone on my own, but I don't know who to contact. Thanks!
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