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  1. That’s got to be it! My friend sounded as though it haunted him and some of the others. Perhaps it was just that particular class. I was able to pull it up on google, though, and I’ll do what I can to memorize it.
  2. Thank you both for your responses. In regards to the NSAID, does the same also apply to BT?
  3. Greetings! I can’t thank this forum enough for guiding me through this very long, treacherous process. Becoming a member of this community was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Thank you! With that said, I’ve got a few more questions with hopes to bring my wife and I at ease. I’m a street to seat candidate and ship out on the 10th of August. Dates: BT 20200817, Jackson. 9wks, 5ish days AIT 20201028, Rucker Anyone here sharing those dates with me? As for the questions; When is the soonest my wife and daughter could move to Rucker? I’ve read diff
  4. Thank you! Let me know if you’re able to confirm that. As of right now, I’m less sore and have been active with work/fitness. Perhaps I just strained something. I’ll keep monitoring it. Looking forward to your response.
  5. I’ve not yet seen a doctor (no insurance) nor am I certain of the issue but the symptoms align with that of an inguinal hernia. I noticed the soreness yesterday evening and couldn’t recall ever bumping into something that would’ve bruised the particular area, however, I had been doing some heavier lifting (moving a washer and dryer). I lift 5 days a week, so this comes as unusual. I’ve not gotten ahold of my recruiter for a couple of reasons. It being the weekend and me wanting to wait it out a couple days to see what comes of it. Worst case scenario, it’s a hernia. My ship
  6. Wonderful! Thank you. And congratulations to you!
  7. Was notified of my selection on Wednesday. Couldn’t be more excited! Stats are posted earlier in this thread for those looking for a little hope. Spent just over a year on my application which appears to be the norm. Anyway, instead of creating another thread, maybe one of you here can brief me on what to expect on my upcoming swearing next week. What will my contract look like? Anything to help me feel more prepared. Thank you and good luck to anyone waiting! M. Trexler
  8. Did you get selected, Shibagod? If not, do they provide any reasoning?
  9. Lost a little sleep myself. It has to be the APFT. Well, I’m just hopeful that’s what it is because you and I have VERY similar stats. A shame I couldn’t get my packet processed. Had I been selected we could’ve honed in on it. I tested myself at home several months before my actual fitness test and I was quite humbled to say the least. I’m very active and went into it thinking I’d have no issue maxing out. Strength conditioning is far different from endurance training. I immediately implemented 10 sets of 30 pushups and the same with sit ups in my daily regimen. Five days a
  10. Wow! Good for you, sir. Wishing you the best!
  11. Was just notified my packet could not be processed. I’ve heard the horror stories but didn’t expect it to happen to me. As mentioned on the previous page, I moved my packet from one office and into the hands of someone I trusted. It should comes as no surprise that the initial office goofed and I find myself shocked anyway. My BP was too high at MEPS. You can call it “white coat syndrome”. Anyway, they handed me a waiver and I had it completed by a clinic of my choice and submitted right away. After two weeks of hounding the recruiter, he finally gave me his word that it had been cleared and I
  12. Good luck, everyone! Spent 11 months assembling this packet. Removed it from the hands of one recruiting office and into the hands of an individual who was more familiar and driven to see me through the process. Wasn’t easy. Still not over but for those of you catching snags, it can be done. Age: 29 GT: 121 SIFT: 55 APFT: 278 Education: BS CJ 3.1 GPA LOR: Employers, Pilot, O3. Couldn’t have done much of this without this forum. Thank you all!
  13. Anyone know if it possible to schedule my own Class 1A Flight Physical? Haven’t heard back from my recruiter on it in a couple weeks. I’ve been pressing it for a couple weeks more. If so, who would I contact? Or who should he contact? Currently working toward the September board. I’ve gotten at least one lead for an LOR but nothing on paper yet.
  14. September? That’s frustrating. This process has been one for the books. I might be my recruiters first. Messaged you ElJay. Appreciate all of the responses. STILL seeking contacts, folks! The show must go on. Thank you!
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