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  1. I was doing the same manuvers the other day with slop landings and i thought i was relaxed and when I got out of the helicopter the side of my knee's were sore, But i felt really relaxed on the pedals. I think it's only going to come with time and trying to be aware of what the body is doing.
  2. Don't give up save the money and go take an intro flight make sure it's what you want and there are loans out there through sllie mae that have a year long differd payments until you graduate I just got one but im still in the Navy and they still didnt give me enough but take what you can get.You will have to find a co-signer with good credit if you don't have any. And for the Army flight school i have a friend that just finished his Basic flight school and starts flying the Apache this week. He loves it but there is alot of hard work they are feeding you flight school with a fire hose and if
  3. Look at American Helicopters there on the out skirts of DC. I went up there and talked with them and they have a really nice school and plenty of 22's. they offer financing through Sllie Mae. Good luck
  4. Im a fixed wing PPL and just started my training in a 300CB all i can offer is slow smooth inputs on the controls it's not like an airplane that you can kind of man handle, the helicopter reacts very quickly. it's more or less pressure inputs. And don't forget to have fun you wont go back to fixed wing.
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