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  1. FWIW, The CW5 that did my LOR here at Bragg said most of the time the packet should be 90-99% complete by time they see it. If there isn't a response here though, I was told back in the day just to start knocking on hangers. Good luck!
  2. I'm 30, SSG(P), 12 TIS, with an eye waiver that got picked up in the Sept board. You have some solid stats.
  3. Waivers don't get processed until the week before the board. I was worried about my AFS waiver also, but the recruiter cleared it up after I started shooting emails to them all.
  4. Itll pick up. Good luck to you guys, I hope to see you around Rucker next summer!
  5. Some of mine were slightly canted. I didn't have any issues. I did make a continuous effort to make sure absolutely everything was readable on the forms however, to include the form number.
  6. Not yet here. I'm slightly inclined to call because I want to avoid a confliction with SLC (made the E7 list also), but I need to decide if I want to deploy also.
  7. I'm hearing conflicting things, so figured I'd ask someone that's there. If we already have graduated Sere C, will we have to do the Rucker one? And if not, what's the likelihood of jumping into another class if we get to skip it?
  8. I'll keep pulling at strings, but its out there.
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