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  1. Hello everyone, Ive been digging around this forum for a few days and this is my first post. I have my commercial and instrument rating, but havent been in a helicopter in 12 years. Long story short I started at 19, got my commercial at 21, but never finished my CFI. Life look me down another path, and I pursued a different opportunity. Now Im 33 ready to finish what I started. My logbook has 180 TT all in the R22. Obviously its going to take quite a few hours of training just to get myself back to commercial standards, much less be ready to instruct. Then there is the issue of actually getting hired when its all over. The ultimate goal would be to get hired where I train. Im fortunate to have had some financial success during my hiatus, so money isnt really the issue. Although, that doesnt mean I want to pay for hours in excess of what I need. I dont just want my CFI rating I want to be the best pilot I can be so I can build a rapport and a reputation at my school. If that means paying for extra time so be it. How many hours should I realistically need? Any other advice for someone getting back in the game? Thanks
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