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  1. Anyone know anything about Eagle Aviation Academy in Alabama?? Any students or CFIs that have worked for them recently??
  2. Anybody... students or CFIs familiar with Eagle Aviation Academy in Alabama?? Their job listings aren't very informative. I've tried emailing them in the past but only received very vague responses. Any info, good or bad would be appreciated. Preferably someone who used to work for them. Thanks
  3. Yes, SFAR 73 requires 200 hours helicopter time to instruct in their aircraft. Be advised though, some schools use Pathfinder insurance...they require 300. You can still find plenty of places that accept 200.
  4. To add to my first reply, your current weight automatically takes you off the table for 22 training anyway so definitely 44 or schweizers. I'm not sure what the seat weight is on an Enstrom. To your question about working while you build flight time... absolutely. Plenty of guys out there flying part time. Mostly tours and flight instruction type stuff. The degree program thing is totally up to you. I never did it but I'm sure some guys here will click on that can give better advice on some of this stuff. I can only speak from my experience. Hope this helps!
  5. Hey man! Your questions are very well thought out. First off, you're a tall guy, I would recommend you stay away from the 22 if you can. Schweizers are more comfortable and typically students learn easier in them. The 44 is great for a bigger person as well, it is also slightly easier and more forgiving than a 22 (my experience) more power and faster. You may also find a school that uses Enstroms, I've been flown one personally but they seem more roomy than a 22. The biggest draw back to schweizers is that they are not as common as Robinsons are. As far as training frequency goes, for private initial training I would highly recommend three flights per week if you can swing it. No less than two. If you can mentally handle four to five training flights per week then more power to you and buy a big bottle of aspirin 😊. Personally, find the school YOU like. Find the instructor You like. Not all CFIs are created equal, or schools for that matter. Have fun with it, get to your solo and see how you feel. Get to your private check ride and see if you feel like commiting a little more. Be safe and have fun with it!
  6. I read about that. Flying a helicopter is worth more $$. I've been trying to get started for years but life keeps getting in the way. $10 an hour in Florida cost of living??? No thanks. We're worth more than this.
  7. Personally I think you'll be surprised how quickly you will catch back up. With a good CFI especially. I haven't gone 12 years but I have gone over 3 years. Last year I got myself checkride ready in 8 flight hours for my CFII. So don't be hard on yourself the first couple flights, but I really do think you'll catch up quicker than you're expecting. Good luck!
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