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  1. haha ๐Ÿ˜ mine got submitted today. After I sent my recruiter a picture message of your previous post. See, there's bad recruiters, good recruiters and better recruiters ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for being the better recruiter
  2. On a side note, my recruiter submitted my package today.... So if anyone else is trying to be on the May board, send it.
  3. The deadline for new packets for the May board is today. I don't think they will take your packet without a flight physical. There's two parts of the flight physical, and it takes usually three weeks in between each part. Then it goes to Rucker and you have to wait for it to get stamped, which can take anywhere from 1 week to maybe months. Mine took 10 days. From start to finish, my flight physical took about a month. It also took my two months just to schedule it.
  4. MOnday and Tuesday were normal. Things got shut down on Wednesday. That's when I got word that everything was frozen
  5. for civilian or active dude? Usarec says they are, but its for service member.
  6. yeah I just got off the phone with my recruiter she said the same thing.
  7. There are good ones and bad ones, like in anything else
  8. USAREC website says they are still processing packets as they come in. Under the board dates tab
  9. Does it say anything about submitting? The deadline for the May board is on Friday. Even if itโ€™s postponed, itโ€™s worth a shot. Thanks
  10. My recruiter- All boards cancelled (postponed) until May. There will be a special board to make up for it. Can't even submit packages Obviously, depends on how long this goes for. Who knows. All the recruiters are working from home now
  11. I know that curiosity kills, but don't spend too much time worrying about something you can't change. Its not your fault, its not their fault, everyone is being set back in one way or another. Just have to ride it out..... Also, welcome to the military, where things can go from good to bad in a second. Get use to it son....But again, there's literally nothing you can do but wait.
  12. Also, he's probably not lying, he just doesn't know. Recruiters are dumb. I dumped my first one for reasons like yours. In fact, they told me I had to enlist in order to even take the flight physical. Which is not true at all.... Its quite common to go through recruiters. Some now what they're doing, some think they know, and some just really don't want to help because its a lot of work. Find someone that's willing to do the work.
  13. You wont be guaranteed to fly if you cant pass a flight physical. And if you already signed before that, there's no going back. The two main and biggest factors are the sift and flight physical. I would make you can pass both before you sign anything.
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