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  1. AGE : 31 GT: 110 SIFT : 50 RANK: Prior service E-5, 7 years USMC APFT : 291 EDUCATION : 64 credits FLIGHT : 5 hours r22 LOR : O-4, CWO4, Congressman, Civilian Boss, Civ Piolot PHYSICAL : Stamped WAIVERS : None
  2. Is there a certain document to submit for civilian flight training hours? Or just make a copy of my logbook? I don't have any certs, but I have acquired a whopping 5 hours of flight time to add to my packet as an update.
  3. I wrote this same message when I first started my packet. And it didnt work..... Put in the work and look up your nearest Army base and start calling aviation units. Don't be intimidated by it, CWOs have all been extremely helpful to me. Not all CWO need to meet you in person. Even if you dont get an LOR It is EXTREMELY valuable to have a CWO look over your packet. They know small important details that can be easily over looked. Also, try contacting your local Congressman. It was surprisingly easy to get and LOR from mine.
  4. Wow thanks for posting that. That’s not the same stats my recruiter told me. This gives me a little more hope now. edit- is that for the March or May board? Or are they combined ?
  5. Recruiter just called me. I am a non select. Street to seat with prior service.
  6. Ah thats good to hear. Months is better than weeks to get things packed up haha. Thank mans and congrats and good luck!
  7. I wanted to add a question to this... What is the timeline like from when you get selected to when you go to WOCS? Since we don't have to go to bootcamp, do we have option for the WOCS start date?
  8. The recruiters see different deadlines for some reason. When we were putting my packet together, we were following a power point from their command or Ft Know or whoever, and the dead line was way closer to the board date than what was on usarec. So, I don't really know. Also, I am supposed to be on he "May board". They sent my corrections in yesterday, which was May 7th. So who really knows 🤷‍♂️. I don't know if they are different to active service and civilian. Remember, that usarec is tailored for service members. I don't think that's accurate
  9. I am street to seat and the security clearance I did was a phone interview with a security personnel. They basically go over every address and personal reference that you put for your initial recruitment documents. Has nothing to do with your WOFT package. The recruiter has to call them and they handed the phone to me
  10. Age: 30 Prior service E-5 USMC 7 yeas TIS GT Score: 110 SIFT: 50 APFT: 292 Education: 64 credit hrs LOR: O5, Civ boss, Civ airline pilot Physical: Stamped Waivers: None
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