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  1. Well then, you better get it up by 10 points...and then about 40 more because you're 18 and should be running circles around the 30+ year olds applying. "At most" isn't going to cut it. Everyone here is capable of getting a 300, but you have to be willing to put in the time and effort. Plus, you have 14 years to improve your package. Take your time and do it right the first time.
  2. This is interesting. I was prior service but a civilian now. Kind of concerning to be honest.
  3. So I asked my recruiter for the contact info for me to schedule a flight physical, she tell me I wont be able to schedule it with out a contract. "When you go WOFT you have to sign a contract at meps in order to go to the schools, so after the board you will swear in and get a contract." What do I need, as a civilian, to schedule a flight physical?
  4. Well its about that time to do my do diligence and reach out for some LoR help from the community. I spent seven years in the Marine Corps as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter, honorably discharged as and E-5. I have been in the civilian would for a little over three years now and have come to the realization that I would love to serve again. I have been working on my packet since May and have only taken the SIFT so far, which I received a 50. I had some delays, but I am back on track now with the process. I am hoping to lock down some solid Aviator Lor's to accompany my military and civilian LoR's so I can submit my packet within the next couple of boards. I am located in Southern California, I am not really sure if there is any Army aviation groups around me. I don't think there's much Army in CA in general. If so, any info/help would be appreciated! To all you hard charging vets in here, today is Veterday's Day, Happy Veterans Day! And thank you for your service! Stay motivated
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