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  1. I second this. I only added 5 flight hours to my second look, but it shows initiative. You will also get a specific aircraft safety cert showing you're qualified and capable of flying that aircraft. That's something extra to add.
  2. Its different for everyone. The big factor is getting you into a WOCS class. So, depending when that is, you will start basic sooner, obviously. I was prior service S2S, i got in a WOCS class 6 months out. Some guys were 12 months... My advice is to do what you need or want to so now. You could have a report date anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
  3. I was selected on the second look. I added a CWO4 and a Congressman LOR. That CWO4 also reviewed my packet for errors, and he found some. Attention to detail is key. I also changed my essay. Put lots of numbers in it. And bam, here I am about to start WOBC
  4. i feel your pain, lol. Showing up with a backpack of underwear and socks ๐Ÿ˜†
  5. Not really. Just working out. or trying too. Its real unfortunate timing for the gyms to close. You need to knowThe WO Creed, soldiers creed and army song
  6. I am in the same boat. I am going straight there as well. I talked to someone else who did and he said he didn't really bring much. Essentials obviously. You have time beforehand to get what you need. I am going to try to bring some of the small things on the list.
  7. I am interservice and I used the 3.3 for my CO. Make sure you follow the sample 100%.. and provide all the info asked for in the narrative block... I failed to include writer's name and unit info etc. and my helping WO said that LOR probably got overlooked on my first look. Attention to detail is very important in the packages.
  8. I am the same as you. What was your timeline for locking down housing? Before, during, after?... I am a single guy, so I have a little bit of flexibility..
  9. No idea how that works?๐Ÿคจ But I found it on the Rucker website I think it was. Its like 1100 for WOs
  10. Ahhhh. So why would you pick one over the other? Im assuming the M's are more advanced? Unless you really want to go to Japan
  11. What is the difference in the blackhawk options?
  12. If school is an option, there are aviation degrees you can get along with flight training. My brother in law did this and has been an commercial airline pilot for years now. Or go through a fixed wing school like ATP or something. There are schools that will take you from the bottom all the way through commercial. Its expensive but its available.
  13. If your recruiter is motivated to do everything quickly and you're able too, by all means do it. It took me 9 months until I was board ready. However, I do not recommend rushing to take the SIFT if you're not prepared for it. If you want to be an airline pilot, there are way more fixed wing options in the other branches, if you qualify.
  14. I am going on Jan 22. I think the class start on Feb 10
  15. Sure. Its just another option. Not everyone has access to an aviation unit, but everyone has a Congressman. I got one and it got me selected the second time around. The CWO4 who looked over my packet said it was big. Also, who's to say the CWO writing the LOR isn't a stranger? Mine was..... But, you're right, to each their own. Who knows what will essentially get someone selected.... But the fancy Congress letterhead looks super cool ๐Ÿคช
  16. Find local aviation units and start calling. CWOs are pretty open to helping you out. Having a CWO look over your packet is vital... Also, send an email to your local Congressman asking for assistance. Thats a big LOR is you get one.
  17. Job security, bro.... Ill take 10 years as a WO over 10 years as enlisted any day.
  18. So for the street to seat guys, this is when you get billeting and would move your stuff? After you get pinned WO1?
  19. Hey this is for the prior service USMC guys in here. I am prior service USMC, civilian now, going to WOCS in January as a S2S. Since we skip the boot camp part and go straight to WOCS, I'm am just trying to get an idea of what kind of stuff to show up with. I was sent an Introduction packet with a gear list, but obviously I don't have any of it... Any tips for arrival would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. No... How long between WOCS and the start of flight school?
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