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  1. Mike0331, Did you have to show them documentations etc in connection for your disability during the physical? I tried going to VA to ask for copies of my health record but they told me that theyre so backed up that my record is not even on the system yet and that I might have to wait for a year...
  2. I am currently in guard and was in for 6 yrs prior service active duty. When I was initially building my packet, I didnt declare disability on my prior Class 1 (the one for the board) because my VA claim wasn't processed yet back then, it was still pending decision for the rating. Fast forward today, I already got selected, went through WOCS and about to move on to WOBC phase. My situation is that I have VA disability and that im wondering if I should declare that now when I go through another initial class 1 at Rucker (The one right before flight school). I just don't want to kick myself for opening up a can of worms when i shouldn't have. Will the flight surgeon see that I have disability? Should I declare that I have disability?
  3. When I went, selection and FEDREC board were done at the same time. It lasted me about 15 min sitting there. As for the slots/school dates, they are hit or miss. They can put you 12 months out but call you right away to show up in 2 weeks because of a shortfall, seen it happen in my guard unit. Passed my board on June, got told im going to WOCS at April 2020.
  4. AGE: 23 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 79/114 SIFT: 56 APFT: 278 EDUCATION: 13 COLLEGE CREDITS FLIGHT: n/a BOARD: n/a LORS: CW3(Pilot), 2x CPT (Past active duty CO and current guard CO), LTC (current BN Co) OTHER INFO: Had PRK 8 months prior to board or 3 months prior to flight physical. E5 Supply; was active for 5 years now currently a supply guy for Aviation BN, Natl Guard. SELECTED: JUNE 2019
  5. Having a degree would look good but not required. I submitted my packet only having like 7 college credits and I am a supply guy, never been around army aviation community before. At the end, I got selected after the board. Question, are you trying to go WOFT for active or reserves/guard? If active, you can definitely apply as civilian. If reserves/guard, ask if your state does street to seat, if not, then most likely you would have to enlist. As for the MOS, its highly suggested to be a helicopter maintainer but you can pick anything. I enlisted as supply in the guard because I didn't want to go to AIT again after my active duty days. I just told my recruiter to stick me in aviation unit that way, I can start networking with the aviation community in the guard.
  6. Jrok, It took me three days from when my physical was done to rucker stamping it.
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