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  1. Just got out of meps. S2s ship June to FT Sill. Anyone else get same?
  2. Just got out of mepsĀ  start in june FT SillĀ  anyone else doing same?

  3. Selected - 1st look - missed the September board due to eye waiver Age: 19 ASVAB/GT: 92/127 SIFT: 49 AFPT: 300 Education: AS Professional Pilot Technology GPA 3.8 LOR: All retired - Army Major - Pilot, Marine LTC - Pilot, Air Force Major - Pilot, Army LTC - Pilot, WO3 Pilot, WO4 Pilot Physical stamped - eye waiver (vision ok 20/25 - shape, not so much, minor astigmatism) Flight: Commercial Pilot license Military: None Good luck everyone
  4. Can anyone help? I just took my flight physical and only one of my eyes has an astigmatism of 1.25, 0.25 above the allowable range. My eyesight is 20/20 and 20/25 and my better eye is 1.00 which are all within range. I'm a S2S/civilian and I read that the army will allow waivers for 0.75 out of range. Is this true for a S2S or only AD? What are my options?
  5. @cmax23 congrats - still wondering if I ever made it into this board. I guess I'll know pretty soon either way.
  6. I'm going through the process right now. Have you taken your SIFT test yet? Have you taken your physical yet? If no, the physical will take the longest 2-3 months.
  7. Thanks, but I'm a civilian and I don't have access to this
  8. Any civilians on this thread? Did you get picked or not?
  9. Did any civilians on this thread get accepted?
  10. Can the people that got accepted give their credentials.
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