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  1. With the proper test scores and age. Yes. You'll go through OCS, TBS, and then flight school
  2. Where did you see the Navy increased the age for pilots? I'm not finding anything
  3. I tried navy and they waived my DUI but my age was issue. I was right at the cutoff for age. I would be 28 before I would've received my commission. I guess I could revisit it if WOFT doesnt work out. I'll have to call my recruiter I was working with in the navy. Thanks for the info!
  4. So this is my first time on the forum and am only asking this because I havent found much elsewhere. These are my stats. Age 28 Gt 120 Sift 62 Prior service Marine Apft 285 Physically qual'd at MEPS already Lors: 2-star USA, 1-star USA, CWO3 USMC, CWO3 USMC, CAPT USMC College grad with BS in IT Sounds great right? I got a DUI over two years ago and am not on any sort of probation. I actually got lesser than the state mandatory minimum. It wasnt a standard DUI. I was pushing my motorcycle in a parking lot and got a cop on a bad day. I wrote one hell of a motivational essay and (what my recruiter says) a very inspiring moral essay. Am I fishing in a dead pond? Or do I have a sliver of a chance? Sorry for any typos. I'm posting from my cell phone.
  5. So.. I'm kinda concerned with not being selected. Either this coming board or not. I'd like input from you all. I just joined the site today because I havent found much help elsewhere. Here's where I stand: Age 28 Gt 120 Apft 285 Sift 62 Lor 2-star USA, 1-star USA, CWO3 USMC, CWO3 USMC, and CAPT USMC Prior enlisted Marine Already cleared MEPS College grad with BS in IT But... over two years ago I got a DUI... and not matter how much of a golden boy the initial stuff I mentioned makes me look like. I'm afraid that DUI is gonna screw me over. I really want this bad and I put a lot of time and thought into my essay (motivational and moral). Do I have a chance? Dont hold my breath? It's literally the only blemish of my entire life
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