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  1. https://www.nationalguard.com/contacts/wosm There are the contacts. You can try calling the states around you to see.
  2. She is working there currently and it is just a contract for a two year obligation but just pay back whatever of the 10k you didn’t work out which is just free money. She can stay there as long as she likes though if we were to stay in the area.
  3. There are quite a few hospitals around here in enterprise, Dothan, and ozark. My wife video interviewed while she was still in CT a few months out and was hired by all three. She ultimately went with flowers in Dothan because they gave her five dollars more an hour and a 10k dollar bonus. Don’t forget that your wife doesn’t have to pay AL taxes she can pay your home states taxes if they’re cheaper or nonexistent like TX for us.
  4. I’m assuming you’re prior service since you’re going straight to Rucker? If so make them lazy turds write you PCS orders for here. You can definitely just drive your vehicle straight to WOCS because plenty of prior service street to seat guys did it. If not and you do fly you will get ten days of leave after WOCS at BCo to move all your stuff as long as you have PCS orders obviously.
  5. Or you could email/call the source for this. Call the warrant officer recruiters and they will be able to tell you exactly what’s needed. Not your local Army office recruiter, the legit warrant officers that are recruiters when you go to the warrant recruiting page. Any of them will be able to answer but Chief Sewell was the go to for me on all questions.
  6. I won’t show up as a CW2 😂 I’ll still be like 8-10 months out from that when I finish if I stay on the timeline I’m on. But why does that matter? Just ask someone if they’re experienced or not how hard is that? Not only the money aspect but just being stuck as a W1 for 3-4 years... that sucks I have almost 10 years of experience in the Military...
  7. Hell yeah brother. How exciting.... skipped E7 in the Navy for this. Was selected before the ADSO adjustment and now this? A double kick in the nuts. This is not what I signed up for at all.
  8. Yeah but he doesn’t mention anything in regards to when it would be implemented or how. I knew it would happen I was more looking to when and how it’s gonna happen.
  9. I was selected in March of 2020. Supposedly I’m not under the 10 year according to B-co staff at rucker.
  10. Any news on the adjustment? And do you think it will affect current WO1s or only those who haven’t yet graduated WOCS. I graduate WOCS within the next month and hope I don’t get stuck being a WO1 for almost four years.
  11. Because people with less than a five year break in service that are Army or Marines report straight to WOCS without anything... you should just get everything issued when you get there man just try to collect anything you might still have. I’m showing up without any computer access and no ASU top because I wasn’t issued one from BCT and I’m fresh from the Navy.
  12. The definition of a WO not the WO creed. I don’t want anyone going to learn that long ass thing when that’s not what they need to know. Reference: DA PAM 600-3, Chapter 3, Para. 3-9 up to the point where it says progressive assignment and education.
  13. Nah 21-03 is what I’ll be in but you’ll be right behind me!
  14. That is AD dates. Each state has their own dates they choose to hold a board on. It could be every six months or only once a year. You have to search WOSM on google find the state you’re interested in, call them asking the next board date and for the checklist. My state only has a board twice a year and I believe CA is the same.
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