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  1. Very deceiving. Only 1 AD W and O 47, 6 were guard. That’s been the downside of selections lately a crap ton of guard 47s coming through. Out of roughly 120 slots for 47s for the fiscal year 40 this year are for the guard.
  2. I’m confused on why you need more LOR? You have two Active CW5s. You’re more than good on military LORs, instead find someone local who has known you your whole life and can attest to your knowledge and character. Two of those and that’s all you’ll need. You don’t want your packet full of LOR from people you have just met.
  3. Write your congressman ladies and gents.
  4. Yeah BI was 4 weeks and AI was three I’m on nights now for BWS. That’s why I was confused on the first two week thing because I was seeing warfighting skills as six weeks not four. But combine them and it is six haha.
  5. Ahhh shiz I had it mixed up in my mind that it was six not four weeks. My B 🤦🏼 But AI is definitely only three weeks
  6. When do they plan on implementing this? Because this definitely isn’t anybody’s syllabus that I know. AI is 3 weeks right now and what the hell is basic tactical nav?
  7. Are you on the September board or did you get selected? And when did you get that DFC?
  8. After WOCS yes. You either stay after WOCS and continue the pipeline and PCS while still here. Or go back home then PCS here at a later date to start WOBC/SERE/CC. Gotta have somewhere to stay for WOBC haha.
  9. You can check into the IHG if housing isn’t available under the BAH rate for your rank. You’ll just need a letter stating that they don’t have a house for you yet from corvias. That will probably be easiest if you’re just waiting two weeks to start.
  10. Attention to detail is key. I gave him everything he’ll need and he still won’t read it.
  11. Top 2 got C-12, 5 were guard 47s and then the next 4 47s went after that. That’s from a guy in the class.
  12. C’mon man… you’re applying to be a WO. Did you even read the checklist? If not I suggest starting here and go through all the links on this page and it will get you everything you need. Civilians don’t have company or battalion commanders. https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/
  13. I help with the recruiting for OR. We have a 47 unit in Pendleton and a 60 unit in Salem. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll see what we can do.
  14. No there aren’t. Unless you’re going guard most states do an in person board. AD though does not conduct in person boards.
  15. No the national board won’t see it. The NG is all in house using their own set of requirements for what each state expects. Then they do it in person, usually after they’ve reviewed the packet saying they would in fact like to board you.
  16. That won’t work because you’ll have a break in service. You have to have a conditional release to be able to board. Unless you’re fine with a break in service.
  17. That doesn’t apply to guard and reserves. It’s still 4K for them.
  18. No it won’t say separation. It’ll say six years if not completed or three if failed out if WOCS I believe but because you’re S2S they know you don’t have military experience and may allow you to just separate after wocs. Before idk
  19. https://www.nationalguard.com/contacts/wosm There are the contacts. You can try calling the states around you to see.
  20. She is working there currently and it is just a contract for a two year obligation but just pay back whatever of the 10k you didn’t work out which is just free money. She can stay there as long as she likes though if we were to stay in the area.
  21. There are quite a few hospitals around here in enterprise, Dothan, and ozark. My wife video interviewed while she was still in CT a few months out and was hired by all three. She ultimately went with flowers in Dothan because they gave her five dollars more an hour and a 10k dollar bonus. Don’t forget that your wife doesn’t have to pay AL taxes she can pay your home states taxes if they’re cheaper or nonexistent like TX for us.
  22. I’m assuming you’re prior service since you’re going straight to Rucker? If so make them lazy turds write you PCS orders for here. You can definitely just drive your vehicle straight to WOCS because plenty of prior service street to seat guys did it. If not and you do fly you will get ten days of leave after WOCS at BCo to move all your stuff as long as you have PCS orders obviously.
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