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  1. Keep offshore oil/gas in mind once you get 1,000 hours PIC. All of the major offshore helicopter operators provide excellent training, and you are paid a full salary during training. No legitimate helicopter operator should expect new employees to work for free while receiving federally mandated training. Thanks Hand Grenade. I am definitely keeping offshore O/G in mind. I've actually subscribed to a few companies for job postings to stay on top of minimum requirements. It looks like PHI is at 1500 Helo PIC. Is it still possible to get your foot in the door in the GOM at 1000 PIC? Wh
  2. Thanks cctk2. The biggest question I'm struggling to answer is if this whole thing will be financially doable. Do you happen to remember about how much it cost you to rent a spot in the RV park you stayed in? Was it full hook-ups? From what I've been able to find, there are nightly, weekly or monthly rates. Was there anything you didn't like about the park you stayed in? The one you mention on the Back Loop Road looks like it might be the Glacier Nalu campground, or maybe the Mendenhall Campground. Either one looks nice. Yes, there's no way I'm paying a "blue canoe" to take me around the
  3. Thanks Little Bird. It's sounding like my best option might be to roll the dice and set up in Juneau and leave the wife there while I complete training in Ketchikan. Would you say that you prefer Skagway over Juneau? If so, why? I know it doesn't really even matter since bases are assigned, I'm just curious. Also, I totally understand if you'd rather not share, but what did you earn on your first and second years there?
  4. Thank you for the info RagMan. We would like to leave a month or so early from the St. Louis, MO area and enjoy the trip up to one of the ferry terminals with the fifth wheel. Once we arrive in Ketchikan for training, we don't plan on traveling around. At least not until we have to hitch back up to head to Juneau/Skagway. It will 100% be for building turbine/Astar/mountain time. The trip up, back down and being able to have my wife with me are all just +'s. It looks like I'll need to start saving up to cover that lag in income! Working 6 days/week I'd assume you build quite a bit of hours
  5. Do you know of anyone that has worked a tour season for TEMSCO that has lived out the season in a camper/RV? I know that living in the provided housing is all part of the experience, but my wife and I would really like to get the full experience (including the drive from the lower 48 to Juneau/Skagway). Having our own place, even if it's only a fifth wheel camper, is a must with my wife and dog. As we think this through, the questions that keep coming up are, "Are there affordable RV camping options for an extended stay?", "Will we be able to navigate the ALCAN during early spring and mid-fa
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