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  1. I just called and she said they are just finishing up giving class dates to everyone today so I’m hoping by tomorrow or Wednesday for some dates
  2. It’s been over a month and still haven’t gotten an email for class dates. I’m used to waiting but oh my this is hurting haha
  3. AD selected!!! Got the packet completed in one month first look. If I can do it, so can you guys!! Good luck to all who got selected and those who did not, don’t give up!!
  4. Make sure to bring lots of snacks and candy with you for boot camp, you’ll get hungry and they come in handy
  5. Well don’t sweat it too much, I know flying is hard in civilian world because it’s a lot more money but at least you won’t have to deal with all the additional duties that warrant officer are tasked with hahah. I know so many that spend more time doing their additional duties than flying.
  6. Knowing the army, I’m sure they will push it to the week after thanksgiving to send it out. Hurry up and wait lol
  7. Mine says its at usarec or whatevs its called and is board ready
  8. My packet was blessed off with board ready status a week after deadline date. Im getting excited for this board, theres a small amount of people on this thread compared to other board dates in my opinion. Good luck yall
  9. I got the board ready status about a week after I submitted good luck yall
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