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  1. Howdy, I know this may not be the exact place for this inquiry but I need to start somewhere. A little background; I’m 26, have a background in agriculture as both an operator and mechanic, and experience in the heavy equipment field. This isn’t the pitchfork and straw hat picture most will get,it is working with auto guidance, mapping, recording, and operating the newest and largest equipment in the industry. I have struggled to find my place and enjoy moving frequently to find new challenges and obstacles to tackle. I am very particular with safety and precision, which I feel may be more important in the aviation industry than ag? I prefer long periods of working in solitude but work well with a team as well. I recently ran across openings for commercial helicopter pilots who transport equipment, workers, and supplies throughout the Rockies in Canada and the US. The position was under contract and required frequent moving as contracts ended as well as experiences in other aspects of the industry such as mapping, scouting, firefighting, ect. As for pay, it seems the wages exponentially with experience and most are near my income while working half the hours. My question before even looking into schooling and a new career path is does anyone have any experience with this? Anyone i could possibly get in contact with to discuss their lifestyle and see if it may be a path I want to take? Is freelance piloting a viable career at all? How much time would be spent operating aircraft as opposed to filling out paperwork? Is it even possible to break into long line piloting? I have read alot that has dulled my enthusiasm but most posts are years old so has the demand and salary picked up? Is this even an industry that would keep my traveling lifestyle satisfied? Sorry for such newbie questions. I greatly appreciate any insight. Thanks, Jed
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