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  1. I'm preparing to take the SIFT as well. I've found this thread to be of great benefit. Good info posted!
  2. I'm concerned about my baggage as well. My "bags of concern" are as follows: Age: 34 TIS: 15 years (12 USMC, 3 NG) Eyesight: Correctable to 20/20 with glasses Having done my own research I see where age is waivable, Time In Service is waivable and eyesight too is waivable. Does anyone here advise a specific course of action considering my age, TIS etc...?
  3. Age: 34 GT: 121 APFT: 271 SIFT: NEED TO TAKE Flight: NONE Military: Prior 0331/0352 USMC (Pvt-Sgt) / USMCR (Sgt-SSgt), Presently 11B (Sgt) in the Kansas NG. Note going from E6 in the Corps to E5 in the NG, this was NOT a disciplinary action rather the Guard unit i'm with didn't have any open E6 slots for the deployment we just came off of. TIS: 15 Years (Is this a concern?) LORs: Multiple O6 USMC Aviators, O5 MARSOC IMA DET commander, CWO3 Aviator and possibly a CWO5 (pending) Med/Moral Waivers: NONE Waivers in general: AGE (my biggest concern here, and reason for posting in this thread) My chief concerns are (A) SIFT score. I've been studying day and night and feel confident about attaining a good score. ( Age waiver. I've been assured by multiple aviators both currently in Flight Training and those who are already flying in Big Army that my age isn't a concern however, for some reason I just can't shake the feeling that my age might be a big concern. © My eyesight. It's correctable to 20/20 w/ glasses. I don't see where this is a disqualifying factor however again I can't shake the feeling this might be "not good". (D) TIS. No where do I see a "TIS maximum" nor have I found where people reference "having been in too long". Is this something to consider?
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