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  1. Mine isn't submitted yet, but just start doing something. The packet process is long, so if you start doing stuff, you can add to your resume by the time you submit. Go to a flight school and take a few lessons. If getting your PPL isn't financially viable, just get 5-10 hours in with an instructor and "change your mind". It's an easy way to show you're interested if you have some hours.. I was planning on doing something like that but got addicted, so I'm 20 hours into my PPL at the moment. Find a volunteer association that interests you. Working with vets, pets, both lol? Just get out there and do something with your days.
  2. Wow - that would have been frustrating. Thank you all for the assistance.
  3. Yes sir - L Co 3/23 out of Montgomery, AL. 3/25 on your end? Perfect. Thank you for that explanation. I'll keep digging.
  4. Thanks gents. I had tracked down a flight surgeon at the local NG unit back in July when I got LASIK to get the necessary pre and post refractive surgery paperwork. I'll just reach out back to him and see what the deal is. @mike0331 I've found that to be the case several times - people asking the wrong people or assuming the wrong things. I can almost recite the refractive eye surgery guidelines in AR40-501 because of misinformation I initially received from recruiters. If you don't mind, I may PM you at some point if I have additional questions. It looks like we may have had similar paths.
  5. Hello everyone - hope everyone's having a restful holiday. I've been building my packet with the local GA National Guard WOSM team for the past 3-4 months for WOFT. E5 grunt (USMC Reserves), just over 6yrs TIS, one deployment to Afghanistan in support Freedom's Sentinel. I'm deep into the process, have taken the SIFT, mainly just waiting on my last LOR, conditional release processing, and I need to get a flight physical. My question: The WOSM team said the National Guard unit here can't provide a flight physical since I haven't been accepted into the program yet. Fair. My only real option it seems would be to drive down to Pensacola (USMC), or try to set something up at Rucker/Benning. None of those options are too big of a deal - just a few hours of driving. However, does anyone here know if a 1st class flight physical from a civilian FAA AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) would suffice? I found an article online that mentioned it was valid, but it wasn't from an Army publication. I can call around after the holidays to find out, but figured the brain trust here might have some input. Thanks.
  6. Good afternoon, everyone. I am currently in the process of applying for the WOFT program. My vision is horrible, around 20/300 20/400 in each eye. I scheduled LASIK for this coming Friday (I want it regardless of selection), and I had a quick question regarding the waiting period for a physical. In the new AR40-501, it clearly states I only need to wait 3 months. I've read here, however, that MEPS requires 6 months. I am prior service (currently a drilling-status reservist in the Marine Corps), so will I actually need to do a MEPS physical, or am I only required to take the flight physical from a flight surgeon? Thank you in advance for any insight.
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