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  1. Advice is to submit your packet. Your chances are good based off of your stats. The boards select you based off of your potential. You are exceeding physical fitness standards and working towards higher education. Strong LOR's and Resume will speak volumes.
  2. I was selected in the July board with a 44 SIFT score.
  3. Thanks; I called HRC and told them I want an earlier date because I'm essentially wasting time at my unit. They put me on a wait list and I was recently contacted due to an opening in the Feb 19th class. You don't really need a reason.
  4. I got an earlier WOCS date 19 Feb 20... Much better!
  5. I understand selection basics. I am just wanting to know if all the Warrant Officers wanted Apaches or were they just given to them in this particular class. Every Warrant Officer in the class wanting to fly Apaches just seems a little too coincidental.
  6. Did all the Warrants want the Apache or were some left without options? I am leaning towards the CH47.
  7. I'm good with that. All I need is 2 weeks to move.
  8. I'm good with that. All I need is 2 weeks to move.
  9. Well, I can only hope. I could also try to knock out some schools in the meantime.
  10. Yeah but things happen to other people. They get hurt, have pregnancy issues, family, etc. Candidates change their dates all the time...thus giving me an opening. It happens all the time..and history tends to repeat itself.
  11. This discussion has gone quiet...is everyone still in shock? We got our congratulatory emails yesterday...now we wait for a class date.......
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