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  1. Outstanding response, iChris. Thank you.
  2. I was wondering why the Bell 429 tail rotor is the way it is. I understand the x-shape is to reduce the noise signature, however... It is a departure from the typical bell 2-blade tail rotor, so I assume that the 4-blade configuration permits a smaller diameter than an equivalent 2-bladed design. My main curiosity is why they chose to go with two 2-bladed teetering tail rotors vs one articulated 4 bladed tail rotor. Is it because of the simplicity of a 2-bladed delta hinge tail rotor design, that two of them is an easier manufacturing/operating deal than one 4-bladed articulated tail
  3. Hello All, With the collective in a fixed position, I have noticed a difference (2% torque) between the torque value during a climb, and that when I level off. How come the torque value rises in the climb? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm looking for the single engine fuel burn for a Bell 429. Thanks,
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. I think it must be the darn great swashplate spring. With engines off, when I depress the FTR, I am actually able to manhandle the cyclic back to a centred position, and all is now right with the world. Apart from me wondering what is the function of the spring...
  6. Hello, We have just acquired a Bell 212. Was curious as to why the cylic is always 'stuck' fully forward and fully right until after starting engines and the hydraulic systems are pressurised. Thanks
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